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How Your Unborn Baby Develops In The Womb


Although you probably don’t remember it, you have gone through an extraordinary journey before you were even born! Childbirth is the beginning of life, but before that, the process is almost like an entirely different universe.

From the process of the sperm fertilizing the egg, there is a race of over 300 possible specimens that could reach an egg.

Once this connection is made, the process of cell division begins until the embryo forms and latches itself to the uterus.

At this point, the host’s womb is the shelter and care system of the fetus. The journey of childbirth and the way the fetus develops and connects with the biology of a person is truly fascinating.

1. Egg: As soon as the winner reaches the egg, the process of a fetus forming begins. It can only be done by the strongest of the bunch.

2. Cell Division: At the beginning of fetus development, there is a rapid process of cell division known as cleavage. This can be seen as the first step in the process of a fetus coming into existence.

3. Embryo: After the continuous cell division, an embryo develops and attaches to the wall of the host’s uterus. This is where it will stay until it’s time to be born.

4. Development: This is when the embryo begins to grow limbs. One of the first things that you have at this stage is also a beating heart. Although this looks more like a shrimp at this point, this is what you looked like before your life started.

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