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Hugh Hefner’s 30-Year-Old Wife Crystal Harris To ‘Inherit Nothing’ After Death


Hugh Hefner was an American businessman, magazine publisher, and most probably the first ever millionaire playboy. He created and founded the Playboy magazine in 1953 and has been their editor-in-chief since then. He passed away of natural causes on September 27 at the Playboy Mansion.

Hugh leaves behind four children, Christie, David, Marston and Cooper.

He also leaves behind his 30-year-old widow, Crystal Harris.

Crystal is Hugh’s third wife after being married to Mildred Williams in 1949 for 10 years and then marrying Playmate, Kimberly Conrad in 1989 for another 10 years.


It was originally reported that Crystal would not receive any part of Hugh’s inheritance after signing an ironclad prenuptial agreement.


The former Playmate of the year was expected to not get any part of the multi-million dollar fortune after being left out of the will. However, sources close to the family say that she will not get any part of the will but will be ‘looked after.’


In 2013, US Weekly reported that Hugh Hefner had an estimated 43 million dollar fortune. After his death, that money is expected to be split among his four children, the University of Southern California and also a list of charities that Hugh supports.


Crystal and Hugh were supposed to get married in 2011 but after getting cold feet Crystal decided to call it off just five days prior.

Hugh-Hefner-and-Crystal-Harris-marry-on-New-Years-Eve-2012 (1)Mirror

She notified the 300 guests that were invited to the ceremony that it was called off and in a later interview said: ‘last time it turned into a big order and then it all fell apart.’

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The pair split after the failed wedding but reunited less than a year later. The pair tied the knot in 2012 and Crystal said: ‘this time around is amazing… I’m very happy and Hef’s very happy and we’re excited.’


Since their marriage, Hugh has said that the age gap plays no role in their relationship. He tweeted: ‘the dramatic age difference between Crystal & me really doesn’t matter. Whatever time I have left, we want to spend together.’

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