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Hugh Jackman Toasts Drink After Kicking Cancer’s Ass For Sixth Time

Fans of Hugh Jackman–who played Wolverine for 17 years—have been flocking to see the latest installment in the franchise Logan, as it was released earlier this month. However, prior to that, fans got a bit of a shock when it was confirmed that he had his sixth case of skin cancer. He posted a video to Instagram celebrating his recovery.

Jackman suffers from a form of skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma and the star has been open with his battle with it since doctors first noticed abnormalities in 2013.

He has since had six surgeries on his face to remove traces of the disease. In February, he took to his Instagram to express the importance of wearing sunscreen and getting checkups. Luckily, BBC rarely spreads to other parts of the body which can become life threatening.

BBC is usually slow growing and signs and symptoms include a red bump that is itchy, and scabs that heal but never fully go away. It can sometimes bleed, appears waxy and smooth, and it can develop into a painless ulcer. If left untreated, BBC can be very dangerous so it’s good to know that Jackman is being well taken care of. He posted to Instagram on February 13th wearing a gauze on his nose and thanking doctors. “Another basal cell carcinoma,” he wrote. ‘Thanks to frequent body checks and amazing doctors all is well.”

He was still wearing the bandage on his nose, but he let his followers know that it looks worse with the dressing on than it does without it.

A few days later he posted another video to his Instagram while he was promoting the release of Logan. Jackson can still be seen wearing the nose bandage as he gives a toast in Portuguese and sips on a drink in Brazil.

Jackman thanks Sao Paulo and Brazil, as well as toasting to carnival and to health. It’s clear that this is a celebration of kicking cancer in the butt for the sixth time. This is definitely inspiring for anyone dealing with an illness, and here’s wishing Jackman the best health for the years to come. Check out the happy moment where he toasts in celebration in the video below. 


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