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Photos Of Valeria Lukyanova The Human Barbie, Without Makeup


You may or may not have heard of the Human Barbie, a Ukrainian model. She became internationally known when pictures of her came out on the internet. People could not believe that she was human, and for good reasons.

  • Her body proportions do not make sense for a human
  • She has plastic surgery to look like a barbie

None of this comes to her without a lot of effort on her part. Valeria says that her makeup takes hours, she lives off a strict vegetarian LIQUID only diet, and spends hours in the gym daily. Sounds like so much fun and totally worth it.

Here are some images of Valeria fully made up.

Even when you look at Valeria close up, she still looks like a Barbie come to life. Her face is almost indistinguishable from the Mattel brand doll.

1instagram /@valerialukyanova_official

Looking at this photo of her, if someone said that this was not a real person but a mannequin, we don’t think many people would question that.

2instagram /@valerialukyanova_official

Valeria even has lookalike friends who try and emulate the same aesthetic that she does. Besides, what’s Barbie without her friends?

3instagram /@valerialukyanova_official

Valeria has gained a lot of recognition for her somewhat extreme look. She has 40.8k followers on her instagram. It seems now that she wants to embare a more natural look, if not all the time at least some of it.

4instagram /@valerialukyanova_official

Maybe she got sick of spending hours on her makeup everyday? She has been posting pictures of herself on her social media without any make up.

5Facebook / Valeria Lukyanova

This is a photo where she is ‘natural’. She still looks beautiful and most people would not necessarily call this a natural look but compared to herself and what she looks like when she is fully done up, it is very natural.

6YouTube / ...Отрешенность...

It seems that maybe she is trying to shift from being just perceived as the human barbie and wants to show people she can be more. She has stated that she finds the nickname demeaning.

7Facebook / Valeria Lukyanova

She definitely looks more natural without her makeup, and less shocking. It is also understandable why she would want to start stepping away from being known as the human barbie.

8YouTube / Ismail Karaman


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