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People’s conception of beauty has been skewed these days by social media. Whether it is to get thicker and fuller lips or for breast enhancement, people tend to believe that they aren’t beautiful or perfect just the way they are. This is not to say that people can’t improve on their current appearances but we should be comfortable with who we are and strive to fulfill our OWN perception of beauty and not society’s.

Rodrigo Alves is a 33-year-old Brazilian man who has strived to become the human Ken doll.

But after more than forty operations, it seems like he is finally done.

The 33-year-old has undergone 43 plastic surgery operations in his lifetime, and his last nose job may have finally convinced him to stop.

His last nose job, which was his sixth, got an infection and then eventually developed into necrosis.

Necrosis is a condition whereby the tissues dies, rots and then falls off due to a lack of blood supply. So if you’re thinking that Rodrigo’s nose was going to fall off then you would have been not far from the truth.

Doctors warned that if he continued to damage the tissue and prevent it from healing then there could be a strong chance that he could lose his nose.

It was during his vacation to Spain when the infection worsened and he developed a hole in his nose. Rodrigo was hastily rushed to a nearby hospital in Malaga where the medical personnel diagnosed the condition.

The doctors there told him that the infection could develop into gangrene which would force the doctors to amputate the nose.

Eventually, it was decided that they would perform a seventh (and hopefully final) rhinoplasty surgery on Rodrigo to save his nose.

The ten-hour long operation involved taking tissue and cartilage from his wrist to strengthen his nose. The procedure costs a whopping 75,000 dollars.

He has since promised not to go under the knife again for cosmetic procedures and has admitted to spending as much as 700,000 dollars on cosmetic surgeries.

In an interview, Rodrigo said: ‘I’ve decided to make most of the treatments that do not involve surgery, and I would only have another plastic surgery again if it was for emergency medical reasons which was the recent case of my nose.’

He continued on by saying: ‘but I’ve not stopped having aesthetic treatments, there are so many non-invasive treatments on the market that can replace surgery.’

Despite the close call, Rodrigo says that he will not stop his journey to slow down the natural aging process. He said: ‘Lately, I have been trying everything, I’ve had Radiofrequency therapy and cavitation in my back and legs.’


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