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Justin Jedlica Is The Human Ken Doll. This Is His Story And What He Looks Like Today


Some people will do anything to look ‘perfect.’ It seems like women are usually the ones that will go to great lengths to look like a Hollywood star. Some ladies might go under the knife in order to get at:

  • Perfect nose
  • Larger chest
  • Bigger behind

However, it’s not just the girls that are asking for these procedures. There are guys out there who strive for physical perfection as well. For example, Justin Jedlica.

The 36-year-old man has undergone over 190 cosmetic procedures in order to look like a Ken Doll. To him, that’s what perfection look like.

Growing up, Justin was always unhappy about his appearance. But since he was a minor at the time, he was unable to get surgery done unless he had his parent’s permission.

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The Slovak American was born in Poughkeepsie, New York and was one of four kids in the family. He attended and graduated from Apex High School in North Carolina.

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Growing up, his parents were not on board with the idea of cosmetic surgery so instead, he was forced to wait until he was an adult before he could do anything about his appearance.

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Just four day after his 18th birthday, the young man underwent his first of many cosmetic surgeries. He had his first nose job.


‘As a first born child, my parents were fairly strict with me. My father had wanted his first child to be a boy; a child who would reflect his interests, beliefs as well as physical attributes. I was anything but what he had expected,’ Justin explained on his website.

5Justin Jedlica

‘ Instead of sports and cars, I was drawn to the arts and had an affinity for the ‘finer things in life. I had an intense passion for sketching and sculpting the human form, for music and for performing.’

6Justin Jedlica

After watching TV, Justin had longed to be one of ‘those people’ who lived a life of luxury. He felt he was ‘destined for grander things.’

7Justin Jedlica

His interests revolved around archetypal beauties and cultures especially the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman culture. In addition, he was fascinated by celebrity figures like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and Andy Warhol.

8Justin Jedlica

In an interview with the Sun, Justin says he was an ‘awkward teen.’ ‘I was very tall and thin and a bit awkward as a teenager and was always a bit of a loner.’

9Justin Jedlica

‘I had gaps in my teeth, I wore huge bifocal glasses because my vision was so bad and I was forced to shave twice a day because I had so much facial hair.’

10Justin Jedlica

He says that he was bullied for his looks which ultimately led to his determination to change his appearance. ‘When I was 14 I started drawing pictures of what I wished I looked like with a thin pointy nose, flat forehead and blue eyes.’

11Justin Jedlica

‘As time went on I began to realise more and more that my ideal look was actually Barbie’s boyfriend Ken.’

12Justin Jedlica

During adulthood, Justin continued to get surgery in order to achieve the look he had wanted. He has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on his surgeries and it doesn’t look like he will be stopping any time soon.


‘I’ve operated on nearly everything that’s possible to operate on and I’ve customised my body from head to toe, but I still want more,’ he explained. ‘I’m trying to reach the male version of perfection, which to me is the Ken doll.’


Although Justin has received both positive and negative comments from the general public, he is happy with how he looks today.


‘People are quick to judge calling me superficial, ugly and even a freak, but plastic surgery has brought me a lot of happiness and I’m confident with who I am.’



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