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Kim Kardashian Shared A Picture Of Her Fancy Ice Cubes And Twitter Was A Little Grossed Out

Kim Kardashian recently threw a baby shower for her third child with Kanye West via a surrogate. Just like with anything related to the Kardashians, it reached mainstream media. Despite the baby shower being about their upcoming baby, it was actually the couple’s four-year-old daughter who stole the show. Kim and Kanye’s firstborn, North West, adorably stole the show by posing in front of some cherry blossom trees while sporting a floral kimono and furry lavender slippers.

The reality star tweeted: ‘my little cherry blossom baby’ along with the photograph of her daughter.

But it might have been an inanimate object that caught the attention of social media.

It was at the baby shower where Kim tweeted a picture of the ice cubes that she had at her event.


And of course the ice cubes weren’t just frozen water, there were roses which were frozen inside of them! And without a doubt, Twitter had to chime in on this funky invention.


Festive tweeted: ‘so when it melts, you’re gonna have dead flowers floating in your drink? Girl.’

KeptenBlueMoon wrote: ‘as an ice chewer I’m traumatized,’ while Jennifer Ayissi wrote: ‘everyone’s hyping this up but I’m completely lost, I have no idea what this is.’

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