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Iconic ‘Glass House’ Mansion That Cost $17 Million To Build Destroyed In Fire


A $17 million glass house has burned to the ground due to the California wildfires. The house which was built in 2003 is famous for its glass walls and also for its hexagonal shape. The gorgeous architecture also offers a view of the Golden Gate Bridge along with nearby Mount Diablo.

The San Francisco Bay mansion located at 1700 Twin Sisters Road in Fairfield was destroyed by the flames last week.

The house came complete with a helicopter pad, a 50-foot long swimming pool and a magnificent view of the cityscape.

The wildfires in California are considered to be the deadliest in California’s history. They have killed 40 people so far. Hundreds are still missing as residents flee their homes for safety.


The fires are so strong that more than 5,700 structures have been destroyed and the wildfires have spread and increased to more than 12. So far, entire neighborhoods such as the city of Santa Rosa have been burned to ashes.


Video footage that was taken by the Solano County Sheriff’s Office reveals what is left of the charred mansion with only the concrete foundation and blackened metal beams left.


The owners of this mansion are Cathy and Jesse Marion who are huge lovers of art and have donated as much as half a million dollars to an art gallery.


The couple purchased this estate back in 2012 and vows to have it fixed when the fires are over.


The house was originally owned by John Roscoe who was a tobacco packaging entrepreneur. The couple wanted a large house with lots of open space and glass walls to view the scenery.


The Belgium-born architect, Helena Arahuete, was the one behind the design of this two-story home.


Helena looked around for the site with the best view before construction began. Back in 2005, she said: ‘that’s why the house is so transparent. You have expansive views from anywhere in the house because the top floor is one big open space.’



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