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If You Can Complete This Test Without Making A Mistake, You’re Smarter Than 95% Of People

If you consider yourself a grammar wiz and aren’t afraid to put your knowledge to the ultimate test, this quiz may be the perfect one for you. Keep in mind that only a few select people can actually complete this test without making a single mistake, so if you don’t pass…well, you’re a part of the majority.

Grammar quizzes can sometimes be tricky, and if you don’t have the help of Google, some of these questions may actually stump you.

So strap up your mind, prepare your brain and let’s get this started!

1. So we’re going to start this off super, super super easy. Let’s call it a quick warm up before we really kick into high gear. Answer this question with the right word: “Sorry, but these shoes are ___ expensive”. Is it “too” or “to”?

This one is pretty simple. Unless you’re not in high school yet, you should know that the answer is “too”. If you couldn’t get this one, I suggest you touch up on your grammar skills before considering going any further in this test.

2.  I won’t lie, this is one that always confused me. “Claire kissed ___ yesterday?” Is it “who” or “whom”?

The answer is “who”! If you got it wrong, don’t worry about it. It’s hard figuring out the difference between who and whom if you’re not a grammar wiz like yours truly!

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