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If You Cry A Lot, It May Be Indicative Of A Surprising Personality Trait


As emotional creatures, humans are bound to have a few good cries in their life. We’re all born unable to talk so we resort to crying, and as we grow a little we might cry if we fall down or don’t get our way.

Once you become an adult though, a certain stigma starts to surround crying and if you’re to do so in public it can be seen as a sign of weakness.

Most people would rather hold back their tears or release them in a private setting rather than allowing others to see them at such a vulnerable and emotional state.

But what you may not know is that crying is actually something that can represent a lot of positive things! Here are 16 facts about what happens if you cry a lot and how this can reflect your personality.

1. Although many people are ashamed to cry or speak about crying, there have been a few famous people known to proudly shed tears. Former UFC champion Ronda Rousey shared that there were definitely fights where she had cried the day before and even after. 

2. Other people such as former presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Barack Obama have been known to shed a tear even if it’s publicly.

3. So what’s the truth then? Is crying a sign of weakness, or could it actually be a representation of power?

4. Psychologists are saying that people who cry a lot are actually showing a sign of strong mental capabilities.

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