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If You Don’t Know They Make Gemstone Countertops, You’ll Want One When You See Them


If you’re a fan of interior decorating and anything that has anything to do with interior design, you’re probably well versed in the countertop world. From marble countertops to granite countertops to wooden countertops, the type of countertop you use can make or break the look of your kitchen.

If you feel like the countertops in your kitchen are lacking a certain je ne sais quoi, you might want to consider getting gemstone countertops.

They’re beautiful, flawless, classy and elegant, and they may just change the way you look at countertops forever.

Gemstone countertops can be made out of all sorts of gemstones including Tiger’s eye, Amethyst and Hematite.

Gemstones used to make countertops go through a very specific process to give the countertops the elegant and beautiful appearance they have. Gemstone countertops are beautiful, unique, heat resistant, and can also be cleaned very easily.


Countertops made with Amethyst are often considered the most luxurious and extravagant type of countertops. Although they are extravagant and unique, they are not as expensive as you might think.


This precious rock is rich in purple and violet colors, and emits a dazzling, beautiful light. Amethyst fits well with both contemporary and traditional kitchen designs, and will make your kitchen pop.


Quartz countertops are elegant, hard and tough, but also smooth. Quartz is also nonporous, which means that liquids cannot pass through it. This means that these countertops can handle even the toughest of spills.


Another great thing about quartz is that there are tons of different varieties to choose from. Some of these varieties include modern, apple green, speckled, honed, refined and more.


Quartz also looks great with stainless steel, chrome and even wood kitchens.

Quartz countertops are classy and elegant, and are a great substitute for other colored gemstone countertops if you don’t want to add too much color to your kitchen.


If you’re a fan of blue, specifically peacock blue, you will love labradorite countertops.


This gemstone gives off a beautiful blue color which is incredibly sophisticated and enticing to the eye. Like the other gemstones named in this list, using labradorite as a countertop will transform your kitchen into a dazzling, shining fortress.


If your kitchen is out of date, labradorite can also transform it and make it look more contemporary.


A labradorite countertop also goes well with wood cabinetry. If you have good lighting in your kitchen, the light will bounce off the blue and make it flash, dazzle and sparkle all at the same time.


For those of you who don’t know, petrified wood is wood that has turned into stone through the process of permineralization. This means that some petrified wood countertops can possibly be over two hundred million years old! Because of this, no two pieces of petrified wood would ever be the same.


 The appearance of petrified wood is exotic, lustrous and clean.


The brown shading in countertops made of petrified wood are beautiful, bold and strong.


These countertops are crafted exceptionally well. They are also beautiful, practical and extremely durable. If you’re a fan of wood and how it looks in kitchens, you will love petrified wood countertops.



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