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24 Pictures You Should See If You Are Ever Thinking About Cheating


If you have ever thought about cheating on your significant other, this collection of photos may have you thinking twice. If anything, these photos are definitely acts that seem to prove the old saying ‘All is fair in love and war’ true.

No act seems too extreme for these scorned lovers and their acts of revenge will leave their now insignificant others regretting their act of infidelity. 

Now, we don’t know too much about these couples or about the specifics of the so called unfaithful acts, all we have is the photographic evidence of the revenge and they are as funny as they are cringeworthy. Without further ado, here are 25 pictures that will definitely make you think twice before you cheat.

1Out the window: Your significant other may have threatened you with it before, but you never thought s/he would ever have the guts to pull it off. Clearly, the lover scorned in this photo felt so overcome with anger and regret that they emptied their apartment of all forms of remembrance of their now ex-lover. Clothes, furniture, appliances, basically anything that was either owned by or reminded them of their ex-lover had to go, and there was only one exit it was taking. The window. If they gave their ex a fair warning, it clearly didn’t give them enough time.

2. Car trouble: The leather interior on this car might need more than just a simple detail. In fact, this might aesthetic damage might be a permanent change. One thing is for sure, this car must have meant something to someone and their significant other knew that the only way to get back at them for their unfaithfulness was a can of red paint to the interior.

3. Spies: You might want to think twice before going out in public with your mistress. The invention of the smartphone has made it far too easy for all your significant other’s spies to catch you and document your act. Look at the face on this poor guy. He knows he’s in some serious trouble now.

4. Drunk sleepover: Now publicly shaming someone on a social media network is never cool, but when you are a jilted lover, you probably aren’t thinking with your rational mind. After a young man finds his girlfriend in bed with another man, one can only hope the situation didn’t escalate any further from there.

5. Garage Sale?: One needs to only look at the word spray painted on the side of the truck to find out what is going wrong here. And it won’t take Sherlock to deduce whose belongings are being given away for free. If you want to keep your stuff free from the side of the road, don’t cheat. Pretty simple, no?

6. Broken: It’s not just the phone screen that is broken in this photo, as someone’s heart seems to be broken, too. The hastily written note seems to imply that a clever Facebook scheme was uncovered. Social media is not the best place for a cheater to hide it seems.

7. Ball games: A woman thought she would be able to get away with a double play: go to the ball game with her boyfriend and text her side-guy sweet nothings. Unfortunately for her, she did not expect an umpire of sorts was sitting behind her.

8. Hidden Message: What would you do if after a hookup, you found out that the person you just slept with has a significant other? Would you do what this person did and leave a secret message for the clueless lover to find?  Or is ignorance bliss? Whatever the case, I wonder who found the hidden message first?

9. Tinder trouble: Tim’s girlfriend found his Tinder account and is informing everyone about the truth. Poor Tim. Although, one has to wonder about how Tim’s girlfriend found his Tinder profile. Was she searching on her own Tinder account? Let’s hope not. Let’s hope that it was one of her single friends that spotted Tim’s attempt at infidelity.

10. Cheating Announcement: Vivian was taking care of her husband’s mother while she was sick. Her husband, Linnie, was having an affair with two women. When Vivian found out, she decided to let the whole community learn about it with this very blatant sign. All caps is a nice touch, Vivian.


11. Passive Aggressive: What better way to inform your cheating partner that you know about their infidelity than with a passive aggressive card. Bonus marks for the crossing out the ‘tons of good thoughts’ with ‘Your house key.’ That just seems extra cold. Although, we are a little confused about the name ‘Heidi’ in the bottom left behind scratched out, too.

12. All wrapped up: The social media caption below this photo sums it up nicely. This scorned lover managed to get their revenge by saran wrapping her ex-lover’s car. As the caption notes, at least they didn’t cause any damage. They only made life way more difficult than it otherwise needs to be. Although, that is a lot of saran wrap.

13. Pimp my ride: Unlike the previous example, this scorned lover didn’t just want to make their cheating partner’s life more difficult. Slashing the tires, breaking the windshield, and spray painting the words ‘cheater’ and ‘liar’ across the body are going to be expensive fixes. This might be example of taking it a little too far.

14. Billboard blunder: If there is one way to get someone’s attention, it’s to put up a giant billboard in the city they work in with their name on it. In this case, Steven’s transgressions were discovered by his ‘soon-to-be-ex’ wife and she didn’t mind dipping into their joint bank account to make him know about it. Ouch.

15. Couple tattoos: Breyon convinced her partner to get matching tattoos. Too bad for Breyon’s boyfriend, however, as Breyon seemed to know about his infidelity. When he went first for the tattoo, she went home. That’s one way to leave your mark on your man.

16. The dog house: Ashley was living a promiscuous lifestyle. While she was with Jason, she was also with Zack and David. It seems that Ashley is feeling the effects of karma however, as she wrote this Facebook post from the Indio jail. Who knows what caused her to assault Jason, a police office, and resist arrest, but it probably had to do with her unfaithful behavior.

17. Happy hunting: This woman’s man liked to play games, so she made a fun game for him after she discovered he was cheating on her with Kelsi. The jilted lover placed her man’s belongings at various locations that were significant to their relationship. The last location is a real doozy. Ouch.

18. Picket fence: If you have multiple partners or live a more promiscuous lifestyle, most doctors will recommend that you get regularly checked for sexually transmitted infections. It seems like the person in this relationship didn’t do that and got their boyfriend infected. The boyfriend seemed it was important that the whole neighbourhood knew about their now mutual predicament.

19. Pippa’s bum: One can originally imagine what the story is behind this photo is. Who is Pippa? Was the driver of the car so obsessed with Pippa’s bum that it affected their relationship? Regardless, defacing an automobile seems to be a very popular revenge trope of the jilted.

20. Bleached: One of the main themes of this list is that if you are going to cheat and you get caught, expect to have some of your personal belongings destroyed. In this case, one caught cheater had laundry day come early. Although, they might need to an entirely new wardrobe after this thorough cleaning.

21. Play thing: When a woman discovered her boyfriend of four years had been cheating on her with multiple women, she decided to take it out on him where it would hurt the most. She took away one of his play things: his playstation. Not only that, but she seemed to broadcast it across social media.

22. Public notice: One of things that happens when a couple that has been together for awhile goes through a nasty breakup is that one of them has to move out. This woman decided to leave the home she shared with her now ex-husband and decided that a nice parting gift would be to make a public announcement for everyone in her neighbourhood would read.

23. Does the punishment fit the crime?: According to the sign, this man cheated on his girlfriend of three years. His punishment for his infidelity? A public shaming. One can only hope that after he did this to himself that he learned his lesson and she took him back.

24. Something smells bad in this relationship: When a tattoo artist found out his girlfriend had been cheating on him, he decided to get his revenge by giving her a special tattoo. This tattoo artist might have crossed the line, however, as he did get in trouble for his little artistic expression.


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