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If You Hate Fidget Spinners Then You Will Love This Video

Whether it is a male or a female, a child who is relegated indoors upwards of 8 hours staring at a chalkboard is always going to be slightly fidgety. Personally, the countdown to recess was excruciating but once that bell rung it was as if I had a pair of rocket boosters under my feet. I would be sprinting out the door to the freedom that was the outdoors. Some kids prefer sports, others like the game of tag, while some just like to sit and read or draw. These are all fine options and this short break was designed for children (and teachers) to relax, catch some rays, and do something a little off schedule.


But nowadays, kids no longer crave recess. They would much rather play ‘sports’ on their tablets or talk to their friends over social media. However, this doesn’t solve the fidgetiness problem. So, the fidget spinner was invented.

The fidget spinner was designed to help kids with ADHD and to help relieve stress for any other person (just in case those squeezable stress balls weren’t enough.)

However, since its onslaught on social media many people have been craving this new device and are seriously interested in its tantalizing effects. However, some teachers and schools aren’t such big fans and have banned them from their institutions.


They seem to be distracting children from their work and anytime toys are brought to school there is always the possibility that it could get stolen.


But it is not just with children, adults too have built an affinity with these spinners and are increasingly spending more time on these things. A culture is slowly being born where people are decorating or deconstructing their spinners into something unique and with their own style.

However, in the accompanying video, two men took it to the next level. The video shows them ‘fidgeting’ with these spinners by placing one inside of a C-clamp and then applying air pressure to it so that it reaches an extremely high velocity. Watch to see what happens!



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