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Call The Police If You Spot These Mysterious White Pebbles Outside Your House

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According to an article posted by the Mirror dated May 12, 2017, criminals have been leaving symbols in the form of mysterious white pebbles outside of people’s homes. These pebbles are a sign to thieves letting them know that susceptible people live on the property.

Neighborhood watch groups, such as Portishead’s Neighborhood Watch, are urging the public to call the police if they discover these pebbles or see any suspicious activity around their homes, including on the driveway, around their cars, and around their front door.

These incidents have been reported in several roads in Portishead, near Bristol, England. Clothing bags with a cancer charity’s branding have been spotted with the pebbles in all the incidents outside the homes, and a man is believed to be a suspect.

According to the police, the man is described as white, with a tall and slim build, long brown hair, and a goatee beard. He has been wearing a red t-shirt and driving a white Mercedes sprinter van.

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This has all caused panic among residents, as they are worried about what is happening to their homes when left unoccupied.

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Portishead’s Neighborhood Watch’s Nick Gough released a statement regarding the situation that has been occurring.

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Gough said reports have been coming in about these incidences occurring outside homes that look unoccupied, especially during the day.

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