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If Mosquitos Always Bite You, You’ll Totally Relate To These 15 Things

Summertime is a time for many of us to relax, enjoy the outdoors, go swimming, tan under the sun and generally just take advantage of being with nature as much as possible. But there’s one huge problem with this season.

Mosquitos. Those things that don’t let you have a break without scratching 24/7. There are people who are just immune to the bugs and never get bitten and then there are those who attract them like crazy and they don’t know why.

Maybe it’s the perfume that people wear, or maybe it’s just bad luck, but some people can’t catch a break during the summer time. Especially when they get bitten in the most awkward places like right in the middle of their foreheads.

Regardless if you’re prone to bites or not, here are 15 things you’ll totally relate to if you’re always getting bitten by mosquitos.

1. Basically, summer time means you aren’t at the top of the food chain for about 3.5 months. But you rock it with a smile regardless.

2. You will do anything and everything in your power to kill all the mosquitos that are surrounding you. No mercy.

3. Honestly, you have no clue why they even exist or what their purpose in this world really is besides being incredibly annoying.

4. No matter how much you layer up or how thick your clothes are, they still manage to make their way through your clothing and bite you.

5.  You’ve gotten bitten so often, that you realize that all the home remedies that your mom told you about simply do not work on you. Or on anyone for that matter.

6. Which is why you’d rather take legitimate, medical stuff that can help you get through the serious itchiness that eventually becomes so painful.

7. If you’re allergic to mosquitos, then you know that your bites are worse than anyone else who gets them. They become the size of a grapefruit.

8. You often find yourself needing to explain to people that you don’t have a massive zit on your face, or you didn’t get hit by anyone. It’s just a mosquito loved your face THAT much.

9. It actually gets pretty embarrassing when you are enjoying an outdoor party and a few minutes in you develop a massive “zit” on your face.

10. They’ll also go ahead and bite you in the most sensitive places, where itching might not even be an option. We’re talking about on your toe or in between your toes.

11. Killing a mosquito brings you so much happiness, it’s concerning. When you finally catch one and then kill it, there’s nothing more satisfying.

12. After you see one chilling in your room, you get absolutely petrified and will stop at nothing till you come face to face with it and finally kill it. You won’t rest till it happens.

13. Once you do find it, it’s hanging out on your wall. You take a slipper and smash it, only to see that it’s the fat juicy one with a significant amount of blood.

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14. You aren’t jealous of people who live near still water. Even though it looks beautiful and peaceful, you know that it’s actually the hometown of Mosquitos.

15. The worst sound is that buzzing noise that they make. You know that means they’re hungry and ready to get you while you sleep.


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