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If You’re Good At Puzzles, You’ll Probably Ace This Quiz


Are you a master of quizzes and puzzles? Are you the go-to person in your group of friends when they need a quick solution to a tricky question or puzzle? If you’re that person, you should totally take this quiz, and if you’re as good as you say (or think) you are, you should ace it without a problem.

Even if you’re not that much of a quiz person or if you get seriously confused by puzzles, check this quiz out anyway. It’s fun and will give you at least a few minutes of entertainment if you’re bored and looking for something quick to do.

Check out the quiz below!

1. This first question is a little confusing. Try and solve this tricky question: the day after the day after tomorrow is four days before Monday. What day is it today?


If your head is still spinning, don’t worry…so was mine for a while there. The answer to the question is…Monday!


2. Can you figure out what shape goes in the empty square? Don’t give up!


If you haven’t been able to figure it out by now, give yourself a few more seconds. If you think you know what the answer to this puzzle is, take a look at the picture below!


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