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Illustrator Repaints Disney And Other Cartoon Characters In Her Unique Style, And They Look Better Than The Originals

Cartoons are what we lived for as kids. They bring back great memories of Saturday mornings, bowls of sugary cereal, and being parked in front of the TV. We couldn’t wait to see what the characters we loved were up to that week. Now, illustrator Isabelle Staub applies her unique art style to bring us these amazing reimagined cartoon characters.

“I let my art tell viewers a story, connecting them to a place, time and emotion,” illustrator Isabelle Staub writes on her Instagram account, “I pour my heart, mind, and soul into every piece I create.” The effort and talent that Staub displays are evident in every incredible piece she creates.

Whether it’s a Disney princess, a superhero, or even just a sarcastic teenage sister, these recreated cartoon characters by illustrator Isabelle Staub are drawn with incredible detail and style. Each individual portrait shows a different side of the character, making them seem fully realized and more human.

1. Tiana, The Princess and the Frog: Here, the down on her luck New Orleans Disney princess is given so much more depth and definition, particularly in her hair.

2. Cinderella, Cinderella: Here, the beleaguered young woman who would marry a prince looks much more put upon. Again, the hair illustrates her hardship and stress.

3. Pennywise, It: Sometimes illustrator Isabelle Staub steps outside of the cartoon character mold. Here she reimagines a female version of Stephen King’s famously evil clown.

4. Buttercup, The Powerpuff Girls: It’s clear that Staub is a big fan of the classic cartoon network series. She begins with the tough and headstrong Buttercup.

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