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24 Photos of Real Things That We Couldn’t Even Imagine

You have to hand it to the age of the internet for providing us with unlimited content at the touch of a button. It should come as no real surprise to us either, that the internet can show us images of our world we couldn’t possibly have imagined.

Sometimes we have a preconceived notion of how the world works around us, or what something looks like in our heads. Back in the day, we wouldn’t really have a way of learning about different perspectives on the world unless we combed through some encyclopedias or saw an image in a newspaper or magazine. The age of the internet has brought us some absolutely miraculous and spectacular images of real things on this planet that we couldn’t have possibly imagined.

Seeing these mind-blowing images posted to our favorite websites like Reddit,Imgur, Facebook, or Twitter, it’s clear that the internet is a fantastic way to broaden our horizons and learn something new about the world around us. The following 25 images of real things we couldn’t even imagine will leave you in awe of this home we call earth!

1) This Shark Egg: A diver in the Pacific located this amazing shark egg laid in the water. Sharks are such extraordinary creatures. It appears to be a bamboo shark or a banded cat shark egg that has detached from its ‘string-like-garland’ structure that is laid by the mother. There are also many species of shark that give birth to live young, including the Great White Shark.

2) End Of The Great Wall: Many photos online depict this massive ancient fortification on land. Created during the Ming Dynasty, this massive fortress stopped nomadic invaders from the ‘Eurasian Steppe’ from entering China. The end of the great wall is located in a structure known as the Shanghai Pass that ends in the Bohai Sea.

3) This Fog: A photographer using a special long-exposure technique photographed these rolling ‘waves’ of fog next to a large pine forest. The fog itself is so thick and dense, it looks like waves in the sea. Isn’t it remarkable how weather and precipitation work to create stunning art like this?

4) A Whale’s Heart: Believe it or not, this is the heart of a blue whale. This blue whale’s heart is so large that a human adult could swim through the arteries. Any of these hearts can weigh from 400 to 1300 pounds! The size is comparable to a Volkswagen Beetle, making the blue whale the largest and most impressive creature on this planet.

5) Spider’s Eye: When you first look at this creature, you might think that it’s like something from a science fiction movie. However, make no mistake, this is a real image of a spider’s eye under a microscope. It’s the eye of a “Daddy Longlegs” spider. These creatures are found on nearly every continent in the world.


5) Spider’s Eye: When you first look at this creature, you might think that it’s like something from a science fiction movie. However, make no mistake, this is a real image of a spider’s eye under a microscope. It’s the eye of a “Daddy Longlegs” spider. These creatures are found on nearly every continent in the world.

7) Trachyandra: This incredibly bizarre looking plant is called Trachyandra,  a plant whose bulb comes from a similar species called Albuca, both native to South Africa. This twirly and bizarre-looking plant is just absolutely delightful. They make amazing household plants and are truly unique. Wouldn’t you buy one if you could?  

8) Backstage: This is a photograph of what a theatre stage looks like behind the curtain when all the set pieces are non existent. Some shows require extraordinary elaborate sets pieces to be wheeled on and off stage, and there is also need for spaces that actors can use for quick-changes between scenes. This truly gives great meaning behind a theatre production being a ‘well oiled machine.’ The appearance of which looks like the inside of a large machine.  


9) Nomura’s Jellyfish: This massive underwater creature, otherwise known as “Nomura’s Jellyfish” or “Nemopilema nomurai” is roughly the same size as the Lion’s Jellyfish, making it the largest ‘Cnidarian’ in the world. These creatures can grow up to 2 meters in diameter and reach lengths roughly the same size as a human. Wowzer!

10) Albino Bat: This beautiful bat suffers from a pigment condition called Albinism, resulting in loss of color in people, animals, and plants. The condition is rare, and can reduce the survivability of creatures if they suffer from it.  We can’t deny though how beautiful it makes some animals!

11) Baby Argonaut: This adorable little baby cephalopod is an ‘argonaut’ (Argonautidae) is a type of pelagic octopus with a large shell on the outside. These magnificent creatures live near the shorelines of most tropical areas of the ocean around the world. Their prehistoric-looking shell is called an eggcase, which is part of the hatching process that later grows along with the argonaut.

12) Fire-Looking Fungus: This unique looking species of fungus is known as “Clavulinopsis fusiformis” more commonly known as Golden Spindles. This particular type of fungus is most commonly found in Asia, however it has been seen nearly everywhere in the world. Doesn’t it looking like a fire is springing out of this log?

13) Eyjafjallajökull: This magnificent volcanic eruption comes from an active volcano called eyjafjallajökull in Iceland. This photograph of one of the eruptions of the famed volcano shows lightning erupting from the static-charged clouds. It’s an amazing feat of photography, and the person who took this photo must have been very brave.

14) This Cute Armadillo Lizard: This absolutely cute little spiny Lizard known as the Armadillo Girdled Lizard is indigenous to the desert regions near South Africa. Unlike most reptiles, these lizards actually give birth to live young which is amazing! When frightened, the lizard will take its tail into its mouth and curl up into a ball! Awe!

15) Tallest Palm Tree: Believe it or not, this is a picture of the tallest palm tree species in the world called the giant wax palm tree, located in the Cocora Valley in central Col0mbia. These trees can grow up to 60 meters in height! This species of wax palms is in danger of becoming an endangered species.

16) Baby Swordfish: Believe it or not, this is a photograph of an eensy teensy baby swordfish! These wondrous creatures are found in the waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian ocean. They commonly can grow up to 3 meters in length, however the largest ever recorded was 4.5 meters. Wow!

17) Storm Over The Ocean: Nothing is more awe-inspiring than nature in all its fine glory. Here is a photo of a massive storm developing over the ocean. This type of photo conjures up feelings of the sublime, making us feel so very small on this planet we call earth. Holy smokes!


18) Moss Covered Turtle: This beautiful little turtle is actually a Mary River Turtle, which is on the endangered species list. It’s a short-necked turtle that is endemic to the Mary River in Queensland, Australia. Efforts to conserve this species are underway in order to help prevent it from reaching extinction.


19) Chameleons: These bizarre and colorful creatures are mainly indigenous to southern Europe, Africa and parts of southern Asia, however, they have been introduced to Hawaii as well as California and Florida. They can be kept as pets, and are well known for their amazing color changing abilities to camouflage themselves in the wild against prey.  It’s hard to believe they’re even real!


20) “The Elephant Rock” in Haemay, Iceland: This spectacular rock formation in Iceland takes its shape from that of an elephant. It’s located on an island called Haemay (which translates to “home Island”) and is a natural rock formation. The people who live on the island make a living by fishing.


21) Highway To Heaven: This long stretch of road in Wyoming gives off a bizarre optical illusion of appearing to crawl into the sky, but this is not the case. Sometimes referred by locals as the “highway to heaven” when the conditions in the weather are right, it appears as though the road reaches straight into the sky!

22) Riquewihr: This popular tourist attraction is a commune in France known as Riquewihr that features architecture that looks nearly identical to how it appeared in the 16th century. When you look at it, it appears as though it is a village right out of a Disney film like Beauty and the Beast. Bonjour!


23) This House After A Storm: This absolutely ice-covered house is suffering after a massive freezing-rain storm swept through the area. Notice the size of those icicles? If they fell on you they could cause some serious hurt! Yikes! Let’s just hope these people have insurance that covers ice damage!

24) Bleeding-Tooth Fungus: This bizarre-looking fungus called Hydnellum Peckii, otherwise known as the “Bleeding Tooth Fungus,” gets its bizarre name from its rather gory appearance. Although it might be frightening to look at, these fungi are not poisonous, however they are inedible due to their intensely bitter taste. After they sprout they generally turn brown in color as they age, losing their ‘bloody’ look.


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