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28 Images That Will Make You Smile


The internet is the most significant development in our generation. It provide us with endless amounts of information (which can be both a good and a bad thing), and it connects us to one another (again, a good and a bad thing). No one could have foreseen how it would also bring us endless hours of entertainment. The funny, the witty, the jaded and the meme lords—these are just some of the things brought to us by sites like:

  • Instagram,
  • Reddit,
  • Tumblr.

Each platform caters to different people, of course. But every now and then, something comes out of these websites that touch a universal something in all of us.

If you’re looking for some posts guaranteed to make you smile, then stick around. In this list, we’ve rounded up 28 images from these websites that will make you smile (or at least internally smile):

1. This woman’s cousin got a new car and she just had to strike a pose. Unfortunately, the world wasn’t ready for a half-human, half-flipper person. 


2. In all of parenthood, siblinghood, and babysitting-hood, there was never a more relatable set of events captured on camera. The baby’s disregard for order, the man’s contained anger, the white knuckles gripping the cup…it’s almost artful.


3. This picture was not taken at a concert, it’s actually grass. It helps that it was distorted to the point that no one knows what this is actually supposed to be.


4. Some names are weird and long. The best ones are easy to remember because we can use mnemonics like the one in this picture to remember them.


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