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The House Just Took A Vote On Whether Or Not To Consider Impeaching Trump––Here Are The Results

On Wednesday, a Democrat-led motion to table a plan to impeach President Trump failed 364-58. Texan Representative Al Green led the motion on the House floor to combat a president he believes is a “bigot” who is “causing harm to society.”

Green, who also called for the president to be impeached in May, led a “privileged” motion on impeachment, a rule that allows a single representative to force a House vote on whether or not to consider an issue. If the vote had passed, the House would still have needed to consider the issue, vote with a majority in favour of impeachment, and then pass the case on to the Senate in order to impeach the President.

In a letter to colleagues in the House on Tuesday, Green said that he was bringing the motion forward because he loves America. In the letter, Green did not mention the allegations of obstruction of justice, but cited the “racism, xenophobia, the hatred and the ugly behavior that’s coming from the White House.” Green believes that Trump’s racist and Islamophobic rhetoric “divides and damages the social fabric of our country in ways that obstruction of justice cannot.”

Few Democrats stood with Green on the question of impeachment. Although a Public Religion Research Institute study published on Tuesday found that seven out of 10 Democrats believed the president should be impeached, the majority of Democrats voted against Green’s motion. The 58 Democrats who supported Green’s proposal (and the four who abstained from voting) are all representatives of fairly secure blue districts.

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