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8 Important Steps To Shave Intimate Area

Ladies! We all know what a commitment it may be to keep our intimate lady parts maintained. Some of us prefer the waxing route: painful, yet quick and easy. While others may prefer the shaving route: more time to do, yet less painful.

For those of us who don’t enjoy waxing but still find it a pain to shave our intimate areas, here are a few steps that just might make the entire process a little more bearable. Some of these steps you might think are common sense, but hey…you never know!

Before we get to the steps, it’s important to remember that keeping your intimate areas super clean and hygienic is super important. There are many different ways of maintaining it, but this way has been proven to be the smoothest way of shaving off all that unwanted hair!

Step 1: Prep it well. Many think that the first natural step to shaving is just going to town with the razor! But that’s not true at all. You want to get your area prepared for it first. That means grabbing scissors or a trimmer and cutting the hairs as short as possible. Jodi Shays, owner of Queen Bee Salons in California spoke to Refinery29. She says “you want to trim your pubic hair down a bit. Just make sure you’re pulling the skin taut while you trim”.

Step 2: Clean the area. After you’re done trimming, it’s time to hop into that shower and clean your area up! Shays notes that it is better to use a fragrance-free antibacterial wash because if you do happen to nick yourself, you can avoid an infection. It’s also important to note to only wash OUTSIDE of the intimate area. No need to do it inside!

Step 3: Apply the shaving foam. Now, time for one of the most important steps: applying the shaving foam. According to Shays, “Look for a cream or gel that has aloe vera in it, since it’s antibacterial”. Once you found the right shaving foam, use a thin layer of shaving foam and spray it all over the area and massage it evenly. Make sure it doesn’t get anywhere inside…it can cause serious irritation.

Step 4: Pick The Right Razor. Picking the right razor is just as important as all the other steps. Picking a multi-blade for easy shaving is pretty important. Also, you want to change up your razor as often as possible. Sure it could cost a lot, but changing up the razor is definitely worth it in the long run. It’s not something worth saving. If it’s causing you pain…toss it!

Step 5: Shave In The Right Direction. Shays says, “You want to make sure you’re shaving in the direction of your hair growth”. She also notes that you should make sure you are pulling the skin taut with one hand while shaving with the other. Also, she notes that putting your leg up on something stable will help you get to those hard-to-reach places. Make sure everything is steady and you won’t trip and fall!

Step 6: Rinse. Once you are done shaving and getting it all clean down there, rinse it with some water. After doing that, it’s important to rub some sort of oil, or rose water onto the shaved areas to prevent irritation. According to, rose water helps clear the pores and actually prolongs the time of hair re-growth. This part is the exfoliating part!

Step 7: Moisturize. Now for the moisturizing part. This part a lot of us might feel like we don’t need and we can skip, but doing it goes a long way. Using aloe vera gel or baby oil will make your intimate area feel much softer and smoother and…good as new. Nothing bad will happen if you don’t moisturize, but a lot of good will come if you do!

Step 8: Show It Off! And now, to show off all the work that you did in the previous steps. Put on your fave bikini bottoms and head to the beach or that friend’s pool party and feel confident that there won’t be any irritation, embarrassing bumps and that you’ll feel like a million bucks! Try this out, you won’t regret it.

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