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16 Tips For Improving Blood Circulation


One of the most important functions in our bodies is blood circulation. Good blood circulation is very important for a variety of reasons including:

  • Cell growth
  • Benefits and promotes organ function
  • Creates healthier looking skin

Poor diet, lack of exercise, and smoking are all things that will work against your blood circulation. This can lead to serious things like strokes and heart attacks.

There are a lot more reasons than the ones we just listed as to why your blood circulation is important. Use these 16 tips to get your blood circulating properly, and you will live forever! Well no, not forever—you will be healthier though and, by extension, happier.

1. Stress is really bad for your heart and therefore your blood circulation. After all, your heart is doing all the pumping to get the blood moving around the body. Yoga and meditation are great stress relievers, but find what works for you. It is important to check in with yourself and your stress because sometimes, when it’s all we feel, we don’t even realize how bad it is and the damage it’s doing.

2. Our circulatory system depends heavily on our exercise level. The more active we are, the better it gets. Something as small as a 30 minute walk per day will help improve it, as well as stretching. You should really be working out more than that for optimal results.

3. Knots, cramped muscles and stiff muscles all affect blood circulation negatively. A nice soothing massage is a great way to resolve this, so go treat yourself and work out some of those kinks! 

4. This one is a big one for people who sit a lot during the day. Your posture directly affects your blood circulation. Bad spine alignment is a huge factor in poor circulation so working on improving your posture and keeping it good goes a long way. There are wonderful posture beads you can buy to align your back, but working out helps too. Being conscious of your posture and trying to make it better will work wonders. 

5. Be moderate when it comes to drinking alcohol. Alcohol is okay, in very small quantities. If you overindulge often, it will affect your circulatory system in a negative way.

6. The same goes for stimulants like caffeine. Caffeine affects our heart and blood flow directly, so try and keep it to two cups a day. Also, try tea instead of coffee!

7. Spices are really good for your circulation. Cinnamon and Cayenne pepper are powerhouses when it comes to heart health and improving circulation. Add cinnamon to your morning coffee and add cayenne pepper to food! Spices come with a whole host of benefits, including boosting metabolism and clearing your sinuses.

8. Onions and garlic are also important for your diet to maintain good circulation. They stimulate your circulatory system and get it moving it nicely. They are also super healthy for you in general.

9. If you aren’t eating them already, add nuts to your diet! Unless, of course, you have a nut allergy. They have high levels of antioxidants, healthy plant oils, and protein. They are great for circulation and minimizing circulatory illnesses that are caused by inflammation and artery damage.

10. Water makes up a big part of our bodies, and we all know water = life. Make sure you are drinking a lot of water everyday and swap it out for unhealthy drinks like soda. Water is very vital to keeping your circulatory system running smoothly.

11. Cut out very fatty and carb-heavy foods. These foods build up plaque in your arteries which makes it harder for blood to travel through them. Get the spinach salad instead of the burger and then treat yourself once in awhile!

12. If you don’t drink it, start drinking green tea. Green tea has an antioxidant called Epigallocatechin gallate and it’s essential in improving cell health and enhancing blood flow.

13. It’s important to not stay in the same position for a long period of time. If you have a job where you sit a lot, make sure you’re getting up once an hour to walk around and get your blood moving again. Staying in the same position for a long time can cause blood clots which can be fatal. Blood clots happen because of poor circulation, so remember to keep moving.

14. Hydrotherapy is a great way to quickly improve circulation. Get into your tub and fill it with warm water, and then change it up by adding some cold water. Keep going back and forth between the two temperatures. The hot water will stimulate your blood vessels that are near the skin surface and open them up. The cold water will close them down. It’s a way of giving them a good work. Do this every 4 or 5 days.

15. Your footwear is very important. Your shoes affect your posture and blood flow, especially if you’re on your feet for a long time. Make sure you have good, comfortable and supportive shoes on. Also, your socks should not be too tight as to interfere with blood flow.

16. Hawthorne is an ancient remedy that is used to treat heart and circulation problems. The berries and leaves of the Hawthorne tree contain something called Quercetin which is a substance that works to diminish histamine release which impacts our blood circulation. If you are on any other medication, talk to your doctor before trying this because it can interact with anticoagulant medication.


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