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16 Incredible Before And After Makeup Transformations


The beauty of makeup is not only is not only its ability to instill confidence, allowing the wearer feel better about their physical appearance, but it is also an incredible artform. Makeup is nothing if not art. There is no one who wakes up one day just being good at makeup, it requires time, patience, and precision. The more you wear makeup, the better you become at putting it on.

There are thousands of YouTube and Instagram videos dedicated to helping others learn the artform, and encouraging others to be more open and free with their creativity. And it is this encouragement that has founded a strong makeup community in the online and offline world.

The global makeup community is more than happy to take the time to show the beauty of makeup and everything that can be achieved with various products. In this article, we’ll be showing you 16 incredible makeup transformations.

1. Anar Agakishiev, a celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist located in Azerbaijan, does incredible work on the young and the old.

2. The Russian makeup artist who did this woman’s makeup is only 24 years old. She wrote on Instagram that this woman was very shy and had never had her makeup done even once in her life!

3. This young girl was going to her senior prom. She got her makeup done professionally by a bridal makeup artist and hairstylist to hide her acne scarring for the big night.

4. Sometimes before and afters can just be of your own face. This Californian makeup artist, Wendy Tran, just likes to use her own face as a canvas sometimes.

5. This transformation was done by the same Russian makeup artist who worked on image 2 on this list. Her model reportedly has very sensitive skin but wanted to find some sort of freedom from her irritated red skin. She looks pretty happy in the photo, doesn’t she?

6. Other times there isn’t necessarily anything that needs to be “fixed” or “changed,” sometimes people just want to accessorize and look a little more glamorous than everyday simple.

7. Sometimes makeup can be used to perk our faces right back up when we’re looking a little tired or run down from our busy daily lives. All she needed was some foundation and some simple eye makeup to make those eyes brighten up.

8. And other times, it’s just been a while since we’ve gotten all nice and dolled up. This woman looks amazing with a bold red lip and those big fluttery lashes.

9. For this makeup transformation, the client had received eyeliner and eyebrow tattoos though they weren’t well done or perhaps faded and bled out over time. The makeup artist, same as #2 and #5, gave them a beautiful makeover that revolutionized their face.

10. This makeup transformation actually isn’t too dramatic, due to Korean beauty standards being different from North America’s. But you can see that she’s received an evener skin complexion, bigger eyes, and longer lashes. Subtle, but beautiful all the same!

Screenshot 2017-07-11 11.48.09 Instagram / dohwa_

11. Yet another beautiful prom transformation. This one is also very subtle, just a lovely enhancement of the client’s natural features.

12. This beautiful, dark smoky eye transformation was done by the same makeup artist who worked on #6! Her work is simple but phenomenal.

13. This beautiful bride got a lovely transformation for her wedding day, giving her a glowy bronze complexion with a smoky purple eye and a beautiful mauve lip. Those lashes are also to die for.

14. A makeup artist in Texas focuses on using makeup to enhance her client’s natural beauty. She doesn’t really change too much about them in the end but still brings out their best features.

15. Another showcase of the differences between North American makeup and Korean makeup. This Korean makeup artist used contouring to slim the jawline but not the cheekbones. She used a bold red to achieve a plump doll-like lip and used white eyeliner to create an appearance of bigger eyes.

16. Lastly, PaintDatFace on Instagram is a makeup artist completely dedicated toward dramatic transformations with a lot of facial contouring and dramatic eye makeup. It is stunning.


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