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Top 5 Incredible Life Hacks For Lighters


Chances are, you probably have a few lighters lying around your house. Most people keep a lighter handy for the more common uses, including:

  • Igniting a stove or barbecue,
  • Lighting candles,
  • Burning incense.

However, there are more uses for lighters than you may have originally thought. There are a number of ways to hack basic lighters for cool effects. YouTube channel WEAREX has created a tutorial on alternative ways to play with lighters. The creator of the video starts by reminding the viewers that “fire is very dangerous” and you should not try this at home. So please proceed with caution!

Here are 5 incredible lighter hacks.

1. You can easily turn the flint from your lighter into a cracker bomb firework. All you have to do is remove the spark wheel and pull out the spring and flint.

Insert the flint into the end of the spring by entangling it within. Then, hold a flame from a lighter over the flint until it starts glowing from the heat.

To watch it explode like a tiny firework, throw the flint against a non-flammable surface and it will proceed to spark wildly upon impact.

For the best results, try this experiment at night and preferably outside to risk anything catching on fire. Make sure to use caution while lighting and flowing the flint, it’s best to use something like pliers to avoid risking touching it.

2. To create a mini flamethrower, all you need is a lighter, a smart straw aerosol spray container, some glue, a paper clip, and a rubber band.

Start by gluing the paper clip so that the edge of the handle lines up with the top of the can. Then, secure the fork with a rubber band so there’s continual pressure.

Glue the lighter to the other side of the paper clip so that the jet is facing the can. Proceed to take the straw from the can and place it in the nozzle. Line up the straw so that it meets where the flame will ignite.

To use the DIY flamethrower, light the lighter and then spray the can to watch the flames go shooting outwards.

3. Effortlessly pierce through tough materials with this makeshift tool. All you need is a lighter, some glue, a screw, small rectangular pieces of wood, and some tape.

Glue two thin pieces of wood to the jet side of the lighter. Then, glue a screw on the pieces so that the tip extends enough beyond the lighter jet.

To secure the pieces of wood and screw it down more firmly, glue another piece of wood on top of the screw and then wrap the entire arrangement in tape.

Light the lighter so that the flame shoots up and heats the screw. Once the metal is hot enough, you can use it as a soldering tool.

4. Convert your lighter into a makeshift soldering iron. All you need is a lighter, copper wire, a clothespin, a screw, a drill, tape, and glue!

Start by taping a clothespin shut and then drilling a hole into the end that opens. Take copper wire and twist it around a screw so that it has at least four coils.

Stick one end of the copper wire into the clothespin and then glue the clothespin to the jet side of the lighter. Shave off some of the copper on the end that’s pointing out from the lighter.

Ignite the lighter so the flame is drawn up to the copper coils and then solder away!

5. If you need a disposable lighter to stay ignited, but still want the option to use it normally, all you need is some glue and a nut and bolt.

Apply glue to the trigger side of the lighter’s body. Then, attach a bolt to the side of the lighter so that the end extends beyond the fork.

Now, when you screw a nut on the top of the bolt, it will apply pressure to the lighter fork.

You can screw the nut down further for when you want to keep your flame ignited and screw it off to relieve the pressure and use the lighter normally.


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