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Indian Bar Owner Turns Entrance Into A Maze To Bypass New Law


‘If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying,’ or ‘rules are meant to be broken,’ these are old adages that well…cheaters tend to use. Whether it’s in a heated game of Monopoly or over the friendship-ruining game that is Risk, there is always that one cheater in the friend group that tries to pilfer an extra hundred or deploy some extra troops.

But when rules are arbitrarily implemented or grounded in factors that have no basis, then sometimes it might be justified to circumvent these unlawful additions.

Read on to find out what a bar owner did to reopen his business.

On the first of April, 2017, the Supreme Court in India decreed that all businesses and restaurants that offer the sale and serving of liquor need to be more than 500 meters away from national and state highways.

The Boston GlobeThe Boston Globe

This ban led to a sudden number of shutdowns of local bars, pubs and liquor stores across the country. Over the first two weeks of April, many business owners have been forced to shut down their business after the rule was strictly enforced.


But it seems like a bar owner in Kerala, India, has come up with an ingenious method to bypass this new law.

Operation WorldOperation World

The owner of Aiswarya Beer and Wine Parlour at Paravoor in Emakulam was forced to close down since it was located within 500 meters of a state highway.

Research GuidesResearch Guides

So instead of closing down, he created 500 meters of distance between the bar’s entrance and the highway. Not from relocating to a different location, or renovating the bar, but by making some additions to the front entrance.


The bar owner decided to construct a long, winding maze at the mouth of the entrance in order to make patrons walk the necessary distance.

The news minuteThe news minute

The owner spent C1.5 lakh (or $2300) in building this maze. He hired several workers who, over the course of three days, set up a series of concrete blocks.

Dorchester CollectionDorchester Collection

These blocks were set up in such a way that it would allow the bar owner in Kochi to reopen and operate legally.  


The concrete blocks altered the previously straight walkway into a maze of tight twists and turns which would result in the entrance of the bar being a total of 520 meters away from the highway. And thus, totally within country regulations.

Time OutTime Out

The renovated entryway leads customers through the front of the bar into the side, and then into a small patch of empty land in the back.


Once in the back, they have to navigate through the maze and into a walled walkway where they will then finally be at the bar. How the patrons respond on the way back after a couple of drinks is yet to be determined.

Sheraton Centre Toronto HotelSheraton Centre Toronto Hotel

The bar owner and the manager maintain that this procedure is perfectly legal…and the city officials seem to agree! Officials have stated that the solution is perfectly within their guidelines since commissioners measure the walking distance and not aerial distance.

OHS, Inc.OHS, Inc.

In an interview, the manager Shiju P. said: ‘we have done nothing illegal. The plot behind the bar also belongs to the owner and we have constructed an extended way to reach the bar.’


He further reiterated his point by stating that ‘now it is 520 meters from the highway. We are set to approach the circle inspector of excise with the new route map to authorize the reopening of the bar.’

Get It CleanGet It Clean

Officials responded by saying that ‘we do not measure the aerial distance but only the walking distance. However, they will be fined for altering the entrance.’ It seems like the bar owner and manager came up with the perfect solution for this new rule. Reopening the bar will more than compensate for the cost of the fine as well as the construction.


Other bar owners around the area are seriously considering this idea if the bar can successfully reopen under the new limitations.



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