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Inside Look At Russian Oligarch’s Wedding To Model Who Shows Off Her $9 Million Diamond Ring

If lavish, over-the-top weddings are your thing, then you will love hearing about Russian oligarch Aleksey Shapovalov’s luxury ceremony where he married his model wife Ksenia Tsaritsina, 27. The entire ceremony appeared to resemble a live performance more than an actual wedding.

It features a massive floating cake, as well as multiple outfit/dress changes. The two looked splendid and incredibly happy as they posed for pictures. The wedding was attended by many pop stars including performances by Eurovision runner-up Polina Gagarina, 30, and the rock band Leningrad.

Just one look at Tsaritsina’s Instagram account and you’ll see that the wedding is very much in keeping with the lifestyle that the couple lives. For example, the model recently posted a picture of the wedding ring that Shapovalov proposed to her with and it’s so big that your brain will refuse to accept that it is an actual diamond ring.

Are you ready to be utterly shook? This monster of a ring costs 7 million pounds, which roughly 9 million U.S dollars. 

What a nice symbolic gesture from Shapovalov who thought “I can spend 7 MILLION pounds on anything and I’m choosing to buy my girlfriend a ring that she won’t be able to wear on account of how heavy it is.”

All jokes aside though, Tsaritsina posted a photo of the ring with a caption explaining that normal jewelry “wasn’t good enough”. This isn’t a joke.

Her actual words were, “My husband is never too stingy to buy me presents. Now he made a decision that a 30-carat ring is not enough for me”.

The wedding was held at the posh Barvikha Luxury Village Hotel in Moscow. The venue was decorated with hundreds of beautiful flowers, complementing the sparkling chandeliers. 

Tsaritsina says, “It [the wedding] was unbelievable. Thank you to our friends for sharing this wonderful day with us. Thank you to your large and loving family”.

Tsaritsina has a substantial Instagram following of over 255,000 fans. The ritzy couple has been together for five years and has two children together.

The pair split their time equally between Russia’s capital, Moscow and their home in the sun-soaked and luxurious city of Dubai. 


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