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Man Is Crying By Her Gas Pump, When She Sees His Wife Covering Her Face In The Car, She Heads Straight For Her Trunk



There is nothing more heart-warming than random acts of kindness. When someone goes out of their way to help a stranger it really brings people together and establishes a sense of community.

One encounter that happened to a young woman named Nicole in Apple Valley, Minnesota is taking the internet by storm after being posted to the Facebook page ‘Love What Matters.’ It’s been shared 26,000 times.

It happened on a particularly cold day where the temperatures were under 10 degrees. She was at a gas station when she stumbled across a family who seemed to be in distress. The man appeared to be crying and the woman also had her hands in her face.

Without even thinking about it, Nicole went over to see what was wrong and the events that followed are truly amazing.

1. The first thing Nicole Marie Heintz noticed was that despite the freezing temperatures, the man was wearing flip flops and socks with holes in them.

2. She also noticed that there were two teenage girls in the back seat of the car huddling under a  blanket together for warmth.

3. Without even thinking about it, Nicole approached the family and took matters into her own hands.

4. As she got closer, she realized that whatever was going on must have been pretty bad because the man wasn’t even trying to conceal his tears. Click on the next page to find out what happened.

5. ‘Sir is something the matter?’ Nicole asked the man who looked like he was at the end of the line. He tearfully confided in her that he couldn’t even provide for his own family.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.20.25 AM |

6. Nicole explained that her heart had felt like it stopped when she saw how upset the family appeared to be. At that moment, something came over Nicole and she knew what she needed to do.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.22.27 AM |

7. Nicole decided that she was going to pay for the family’s gas and pulled her card from her wallet and put it into the machine. But she also had a kind message for the family.

8. As she paid for their gas, Nicole told the man that ‘Jesus Christ the Son of God died to provide for you. Fill up.’

9. It almost seems as if it was fate that brought these strangers to meet on this day. Nicole explained that after she told him to fill his tank, it seemed like something came alive in him and that he was very much in shock.

10. It was at this point that the man’s wife came out of the car to see what was going on and when she realized the situation all she could do was begin to cry and shake Nicole’s hand in gratitude.

11. This was when Nicole noticed that the woman was also dressed in ill-suited clothing for the cold temperatures. Her clothing was thin and worn down.

12. Ironically, Nicole had lost some luggage at the airport on her way to Minnesota from California and had recently cleaned out her closet to find things to wear and donate. She had a pile of old clothes that she had been planning to give away in her trunk. What she did next is truly inspiring.

13. Upon asking the woman if she wanted to come and take a look, she was surprised as the lady ran back to her car. Nicole was worried she might have offended her.

14. However she returned moments later with her two daughters and after hugging Nicole, they were soon browsing and layering the clothing from the trunk.

15. When the man joined his family, the scene had gained a little attention as other strangers came over to offer gift cards. One older man even gave the father his jacket.

16. Situations like these are proof that one person can have the power to impact so many other lives. Nicole’s actions were humble and they inspired the help of others. This is what people should strive to do every day.


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