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Woman Sees Man Pitch Priceless Gift Into Airport Trash And Runs To Retrieve It

In an inspiring story of paying it forward, Amarri Hernandez of Tampa, Florida, decided to embark on a mission to make a stranger’s day a little brighter. Hernandez and her boyfriend were at St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport when they witnessed security making a man throw away a sentimental object.


The sentimental snow globe contained liquid, and TSA quickly determined it couldn’t be brought on the plane. Because the snow globe surpassed the amount of acceptable liquid in a carry-on, the TSA worker directed him to throw the item in the trash.

Hernandez says she couldn’t ignore the look of devastation on his face: “He was about to cry,” she said. That’s when Hernandez, a bystander waiting for her own flight to Pittsburgh, decided to help him. Hernandez later took the package out of the trash and made her boyfriend take it home with him.

Inside the package was a personalized snow globe with an image of a little girl and a dog on one side and an older couple smiling on the other. Engraved on the bottom of the globe was, “We love you Katie, Nana & Papa 1/25/2016.” Hernandez took pictures of the snow globe and posted them on Facebook, urging friends to share the photos in an attempt to find the man it belonged to.

paying it forwardFacebook

Even though the post was shared more than 54,000 times, it wasn’t until an employee at Things Remembered saw the Facebook post, recognized the globe as one of their products and tracked down which location the globe was made. Hernandez was then able to track down the couple and was finally able to meet with the woman in the picture to return the globe.

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The couple, Bill and Linda Modry, gave the snow globe to their son Michael while he was visiting them in Florida. The snow globe was a keepsake to celebrate the adoption of his 5-year-old daughter. Hernandez had Linda in tears from her kind gesture and together they called Linda’s son Michael to tell him the exciting news.

Watch the emotional exchange below. There’s nothing like an inspiring story about a snow globe and a little compassion to help get you through your day.

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