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12 Instagram Fashion Trends That May Not Work In Real Life

igfashiontrendsnotgoodRachel-Lee Thomas

There are so many trends on the internet, that it can be hard to keep up with them. From nails, clothing, makeup, to phone apps, everyone wants to keep up with the times. But with younger people entering the world of social media, it can be hard to wrap your head around all the changes.

Also, there are certain trends that some people can pull off, but others might have more of a difficult time with.

From crazy makeup looks to fishnets under ripped jeans, there are definitely a few interesting fashion choices out there.

Here are 12 Instagram fashion trends that probably look a little different or may not even work at all in the real world.

1. Everyone who has ever attempted to do their brows knows this struggle all too well. It starts off with one little nick in the wrong direction. But then, you end up looking like a raccoon with good eye bag coverage.

 Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 1.04.33 PMinstragram

2. Does this look familiar? For some reason, each clothing company makes their jeans slightly different which can make finding your size in different locations quite the challenge.

3. How long did you go believing that movie stars and models actually had long lashes naturally? Well, it turns out most of them are using falsies, and as you can see they’re definitely a bit easier to use in theory than in practice. So much glue.

4. To be honest, this girl did her best. Eyeshadow is hard! It’s basically an art form on the face with all of those colors, blending, and technique. She’ll get there one day!

5. Yikes! Looks like the girl on the right got punched, as opposed to going to an 80’s glam look. This is not very Jem and the Holograms is it? 

6. This girl definitely put in the effort. I think the purpose of a contour is to bring out the details of certain areas of the face. The girl on the left kind of looks like she’s leaving the gym after a workout.   

7. Kylie Jenner is definitely a hard person to try and keep up with, but I don’t know if I would call this look a fail, would you? Sure the long shirt isn’t as decorative as Kylie’s but it’s still a look.

9. Have you heard of this trend? It involves wearing a pair of fishnets, usually under a pair of ripped or low-rise mom jeans that show off a girl’s thighs and legs.

10. Has this happened to any of you? Distressed and torn jeans are totally a thing this summer but if you have paler skin this is usually the result of a day in the sun.

11. The same thing happens to people who try to wear fancy sandals when they’re out for long hot walks in the summer.

12. And again with those tan lines. This is why you really have to be careful with the trends you follow over the summer.


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