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Instagram Model Rumored To Have Passed Away After More Than 100 Plastic Surgeries

Instagram, in general, is a spotlight on the highlights of most people’s lives. Users of the app generally take filtered photos of their best moments. Whether it is a pristine photo of your fancy dinner, or a snapshot of your biceps under the perfect lighting, many Instagram users tend to display the highlights of their days. Very rarely do we see honest, genuine pictures of people not at their best. It doesn’t even have to be a picture with no makeup or a guy who isn’t ‘flexing’, it can simply just be a picture of a regular dinner at home, or some beat up shoes that you’ve owned since you were 6.

But it’s not fair to blame Instagram, it is the advent of all social media that has caused the general public to be so inundated with flashy, material objects. Some people go to great lengths to change the things about themselves that they believe don’t conform to society. Such is the case of Kristyna Martelli, who’s changed her body to the extreme.

Recently, people who allegedly know Kristyna claim that she passed away. The alleged cause of death is unknown, but some speculate that it was related to complications from one her many plastic surgeries. Read on to find out more about the model.

The 23 year old model, Kristyna Martelli, is nicknamed the ‘human blow up doll’ and with good reason. It is speculated that she has undergone over 100 plastic surgeries.

Kristyna Martelli

According to some twitter users who claim to know Kristyna, she passed away on the 18th of April. Although official reports of her death have not been released, her friends as well as her fan page have already paid tribute to the deceased model.

17265517_234711723667889_7129046202644955136_nKristyna Martelli

A friend of Kristyna’s, Amy Anderssen, tweeted: ‘RIP (Rest In Peace) beautiful. I still can’t believe it.’


Kristyna is known for her very large breasts, and wide hips accompanied with a large derrière.


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