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Model Loses 150,000 Followers After Posting ‘Brutally Honest Photos’

Natalia Lozano goes by ‘Curvy Natalia Lozano’ on Instagram. Unlike most other models who sport a rock hard pair of abs or a super tiny waist, Natalia is a Spanish plus-size model. Her Instagram account had more than 150,000 followers before the brass over at the popular social media platform decided to shut it down.

While there are many reasons as to why Instagram would disable an account based on their code of conduct, Natalia believes that she was banned because of people hating on her body-positive message.

Natalia vows to never end her fight against stigmas and stereotypes and to continue her fight for people of all shapes and sizes.

She also said that there was a concerted effort from certain people to continually lodge complaints against her.


Natalia said: ‘they cannot stand that I am sexy and confident. They call me fat and vulgar and accuse me of hypocrisy because I touch up my photos.’


She believes that the ‘hypocrisy’ and stigmas associated with plus-size models are more prevalent in her home country of Spain.


‘The moment you stand up as a sexy plus-size woman, you are judged and censored. However, in the United States, for example, plus-size models have lots of followers and are more widely accepted than in my own country.’


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