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Instagram Star Accused Of Photoshopping Herself Into Exotic Locations


A socialite is a person who is well known in fashionable society and is a constant and regular participant of high-end social activities and entertainment. In easier terms, they are famous and popular because they are famous and popular.

And nowadays, we have no shortages of socialites. Whether it’s because you post amazing pictures of the food you eat, or because you have some tremendous biceps, there are some ‘celebs’ out there who are just famous for being famous.

And Amelia Liana is considered one of these ‘social media influencers.’ She has nearly half a million followers on Instagram and is considered a beauty and travel blogger.

Amelia is known for taking pictures at exotic destinations and with pristine photography. Her pictures are usually done with professional photographers that display a magazine cover type of look.

However, her followers have recently realized that Amelia could be photo shopping the background to make it appear more ‘aesthetic.’

Although recent backlash has been about photoshopping or digitally enhancing body parts, this backlash seems to be more based on photoshopping or ‘touching up’ these ‘exotic destinations.’

For instance, one of her pictures of her at the Taj Mahal raised some eyebrows since many people remarked on the lack of people present at the Taj Mahal.

Another commenter wrote: ‘you can see this is photoshopped because of the reflection on the water, notice how the Taj Mahal seems compressed to fit inside the pool… this is not how reflections work.’

And then there is another picture where the top of Amelia’s head is edited so that it appears translucent and you can sort of see the buildings behind her head.

Amelia then took to social media as well as her own website to comment on these detractors. She said that her images are taken at the locations she specifies and that she strives as ‘far as possible’ to shoot pictures in natural and ‘in real conditions.’

She also says that she does not use editing techniques to ‘alter [her] body or her face’ and that she is always trying to find new methods to make her images more ‘aesthetic’ and ‘pleasing.’

However, many followers didn’t feel the same way as Twitter user Olivia Frescura said: ‘lighting/coloring is one thing, but a whole background edited… is just inauthentic content.’

And followers seriously caught on when Amelia posted a picture of herself allegedly on top of the Rockefeller Center in New York but the Freedom Tower was missing from the picture.


But not everyone feels the same way about the alleged Photoshop. Some users rallied in support of her by saying: ‘I personally love seeing her photos. I don’t mind the Photoshop.’

Others stated: ‘I’ve seen people Photoshop their bodies, but adding birds in the sky, removing buildings and using stock images to impress ppl? Get a life!’


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