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Instances Where Customers Deserved Way More Than A Refund


Whether you’re a customer or an employee in customer service, it’s important to maintain patience. There’s nothing more irritating than a customer freaking out on a young cashier for something they clearly have nothing to do with.

However, there are definitely some situations where the customer is more than right. It could be unacceptable food or something that poses a hazard, there have been a few cases in which a refund is the least a customer deserves.

When it comes to online shopping, it can definitely be a little riskier. But still, here are 16 times a customer got messed with so bad, that they deserve more than just a refund.

1. If you received this would you be okay eating out of a shoe or would you request a plate? I guess this is supposed to be a stylistic thing. 

2. I know hair grows back… but this is horrendous. If I were this girl I would have sued the hairdresser. It’s going to take months, possibly years, for this to grow out. Unless she just hacks it all off and starts over.

3. This is unfortunately what happens sometimes when you order clothing online. If you aren’t really careful with where it’s coming from, stuff like this can happen. At least it looks good on the cat.

4. A perfect example of why it’s extremely important to double check the sizing of the furniture you purchase online. It might be best to stick to IKEA.

5. Again, double check your sizes, people! If you aren’t careful you can end up with a rug that would serve better as a handkerchief.

6.  This does not look appetizing at all. Is it supposed to be some kind of gourmet Caesar salad wrap? I sincerely hope there is chicken, bacon, and cheese tucked into this lettuce leaf or this is just sad.

7. Usually, I would comment on the fact that the person on the right has a completely different body shape and that’s why the dress didn’t fit. But it’s not even the same color or material! 

8. And this is what happens when one size fits all doesn’t exactly fit all… Why are the proportions on this romper so skewed?

9. If this happened to me I would be trying to get my money back. This is a total scam! This person thought they were getting an expensive pair of sneakers, possibly for a collection, and they wound up with puffy slippers!

10. It doesn’t look like this dad is too happy about the haircut his son received at Great Clips. It looks like they were kind of going for a bowl cut but lost their sense of direction halfway through.

11. And this, ladies and gentleman, is the reason why those mini picnic tables exist. It’s to prevent your pizza from getting ruined like this one!

12. Oh dear. This poor dog got a pretty bad haircut. I wouldn’t say he looks like a rat, maybe more like a squirrel? Even the dog looks like he can’t believe what they did to his hair.

13. There’s a really good chance that this girl probably used a product that was not intended to be rubbed all over the body or soaked in. But still, someone should have probably warned her about that.

14. Whether you love it or hate it, if you want pineapple on your pizza then you should be able to get it

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 4.26.51 PMRachel-Lee Thomas

15. Honestly, how on earth did this happen? This person must have received the wrong pizza. Who orders a pizza without cheese unless you’re a vegan or lactose intolerant?

16. What a terrible error. What good is a McRib without the ribs? Maybe there’s a backstory here that we’re not seeing. Like the customer was rude to the staff so they snagged his ribs.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 4.28.57 PMinstagram


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