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Instructor’s Poor English Skills Lead To A Young Girl’s Death On Bungee Jump

Bungee Jumping has become a pretty popular activity these days. People seem to be loving the thrill of jumping off a cliff and feeling like you’re essentially flying. You’re leaving your life in someone else’s hands, trusting them completely. No big deal, right?

People don’t realize how dangerous bungee jumping can really be, or they’re in complete denial. There have been a number of accidents involving this activity, one in particular is now being dealt with in court. It involves the death of a teen back in 2015.

Vera Mol was 17 when she plunged to her death on a bungee jump after mishearing the instructor’s command to not jump. Apparently, his poor English made her hear “now jump” rather than “no jump.”

The incident occurred on the bridge of Cabezon de la Sal in northern Spain. The instructor, who has remained unnamed is now appearing in court.

The Sun reports that the judges in the court of Cantabria, northern Spain, said the instructor could have done a lot to avoid this poor girl’s death.

For one thing, he should have checked for ID in order to make sure Vera was 18-years-old. Another thing is that he should have worked on his English.

The Sun also notes that the instructor should have said: “don’t jump” as opposed to “no jump” in order to avoid confusion.

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