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People Are Screaming Over This Interaction Between Demi Lovato And Henry Cavill


Back in the day, having a crush on someone meant hoping you’d run into them in the school hallway, or at the mall, or at a mutual friend’s house party. It was really difficult to get a hold of them. But these days, social media makes things way easier.

Instagram specifically makes it easier to get someone’s attention and people have a feeling Demi Lovato is trying to get Henry Cavill’s attention. If it’s not all Demi, then fans are still loving the interaction between these two attractive individuals.

Some of you are probably thinking it’s just a coincidence but most of us are not only catching onto things but are learning from this Queen on how to get a boy to notice you on social media. Ladies? Take notes.

I mean after looking at both of these individuals, are you really surprised that they are subtly joining forces? Twitter user @imnocrybaby recently noticed that Demi started following Henry on Instagram. That’s ballsy, making the first move! But ladies, take note: it’s totally okay.

But I mean, one celebrity adding another celebrity on social media isn’t really the biggest deal, right? They do it all the time and who knows, maybe Demi is just a fan of Superman and decided to follow the guy who played him.

That’s not really what got fans going nuts…it’s what happened next that did it. After following Henry Cavill on Instagram, Demi wasted no time uploading a gorgeous, flawless photo of herself on Instagram. @imnocrybaby noticed that she did this almost immediately after.

Ladies, that’s another note you should take. When you add your crush on social media, don’t waste any time uploading an image that you know will pop up on his newsfeed. Choose a photo that stands out that you know will get his attention.

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