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Intercourse Isn’t Everything For Some Women––You May Want To Try ‘Outercourse’


When it comes to intimacy, there has really been only one way to do it. And yet the most highly satisfying experiences don’t have to be limited to traditional methods, in fact, there are ways to get intimate that you probably haven’t considered or heard of before.

According to a recent study, many women are reporting that only a certain body part requires attention for satisfaction. The study was conducted by Debby Herbenick, director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University and a research fellow and sexual health educator at the Kinsey Institute, and her team assessed data from 1,055 women ages 18 to 94 who answered a detailed online survey about their intimate lives.

The study found that only 18% of women reported that they were satisfied with intercourse, and about 36% reported that there was a lack of satisfaction. Read below to find out  more information about how this can be achieved.

Frottage: This is a very fancy word for what we call “body-to-body” touching, and both parties can either be fully clothed or not at all, really depends on the situation. This form of outercourse does not involve mixing fluids together, so the rate of pregnancy is very low or at zero.


This can be a great bonding experience for both parties, and can especially be very stimulant for women.

frottage 1

Makeout Session: Never underestimate the power of a serious makeout session. Long variations of kissing can be very intimate and satisfying. While kissing your partner, it also gives you the opportunity to focus on other aspects of intimacy, such as touching and massaging. Or you can just keep kissing for hours on end.


In addition, according to CNN kissing is also heart healthy, mood boosting, and can even help prevent cavities!

makeout 1

Skype: If you’re in a long distant relationship or your significant other is away on business, it can be tough to maintain that intimate connection. But that doesn’t mean your relationship lacks physical connection, in fact, a lot of couples will tell you that their relationship is the total opposite.


Various studies suggest that long distant relationships have an even closer relationship because of the technology that is available like FaceTime and Skype, which allows you to be together without actually physically being together. Hearing the voice of your significant other while actually seeing them can provide stimulation without the use of physical contact.

skype 1

Massage: There are many things we don’t know about the body that can be very beneficial. For instance, a massage with the right ointments, right music and right set of hands can be very satisfying for a women.


It can go as far as providing her with the pleasure she needs simply from massaging the right areas mixed with the romantic setting.

massage 1

Stories: We have all heard of graphic novels, and how both men and women enjoy reading about fantasies. You don’t have to be a strong writer to do this exercise, but if you use your imagination and creativity, you have the ability to take your significant other on a sexual and emotional journey that can stimulate her mind and also her body with the power of words!


Be as graphic as you want and don’t hold anything back, just like you would in the bedroom.

Intercourse Isn’t Everything : From the outercourse options that you have just read through, I’m sure you would agree that intercourse may not always be the answer. Outercourse gives you the opportunity to explore your partners emotions inside and out and connect with them on a whole different level.


According to therapist Laurie Mints, author of the new book “Becoming Cliterate,” women will often fake it. “The main reasons they give for faking is that they want to appear ‘normal’ and want to make their male partners feel good,” Mintz said. With that said, women are often intimidated by ignorant partners, which is why outercourse may also help them relax with their partner and become less intimidated.

couple meditation

Pleasure Can Vary: According to the same study conducted by Debby Herbenick that was mentioned at the beginning, 78% of the survey respondents answered yes to the question “do sometimes it feels better than others?” The most common contributor to pleasure according to the responses was taking the time to build up to the arousal. “A woman’s general mood and stress level — including the degree to which she is able to mindfully immerse in the encounter — can have an impact as well,” added Herbenick.


Outercourse Matters: The best thing that a couple can do is think back to when they first met. It was fresh and new and both were nervous but excited to explore each other. This included the first kiss, which most likely lead to a lengthy makeout session. There was probably touching and caressing before any intercourse even took place.


Communication is Key: With all the techniques you can do for outercourse, if you do not have a good communication with your partner, none of it will work. That same study also showed that 41% of women prefer just one style of touch.


So this is important for the majority of those outercourse techniques. You need to converse with your partner, figure out what they like and don’t like when it comes to being intimate.

communication 1


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