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16 Strange Things That Can Only Happen In India

India is a nation with a rich culture and a complicated history. Aside from being the second most populated country in the world, there are many other interesting India facts. Indian Culture and the history of India are intriguing subjects, and there are many little-known facts about the country and its people.

These interesting India facts highlight not only the nature of the country and its current state in the world but also the ingenuity and tradition of the Indian people. The history of India is one of colonization, oppression, and a long fight for independence, and all of this is reflected throughout Indian culture.

From science to religion to law, there are a great many facts about India that many people in the West may not be aware of. We’ve compiled on this list 16 little known but interesting India facts in order to convey how amazing and resilient the nation has been throughout its turbulent history.

1. India is home to the world’s biggest family. With 39 wives and 127 children, sect leader and polygamist Ziona Chana boasts an impressive brood.

2. India has one of the lowest divorce rates in the world. Despite some sources reporting that 90% of all marriages in India are arranged, the divorce rate is only about 1 in 100.

3. Indian police get paid a bonus for growing a mustache. Police in India’s Jabhua district have been given an incentive to grow mustaches as it makes them look more commanding and masculine.

4. In West Bengal, the Cows have photo ID cards. This is to prevent cattle smuggling and export as cows are considered sacred animals in the Hindu religion.

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