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16 Baffling Facts About Legendary Films

A lot of work goes into making a great movie, and usually, that amount of work and effort results in some pretty interesting movie facts. These are the kinds of stories that live on in Hollywood circles. Movie fans often can’t get enough of this kind of cool film trivia.

Finding a new and interesting movie fact, especially about a film you love, is like finding hidden treasure. These behind the scenes facts almost always add a certain amount of depth to films and make the filmmaking process seem ingenious. The way directors and producers work around filming scenes can seem almost magical.

Each interesting movie fact in this list exemplifies what makes filmmaking so spectacular. The stories that go into making a film go so much further than finding a great script and deciding who to cast. Truly, they show how filmmakers, from directors to actors and everyone working behind the scenes, make great collaborative art together.

1. The “Chestburster” scene in Alien is one of the most iconic horror scenes in film history. The reaction of the actors is real, as none of them were told what was going to happen.

2. In 1994, Pixar executives John Lasseter, Pete Docter, and Joe Ranft were having lunch when they came up with the ideas that would become A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., and Wall-E.

3. A different actor almost played the infamous Terminator: O.J. Simpson. However, James Cameron turned the idea down. Why? O.J. was deemed “too pleasant.”

4. The sound of the fearsome velociraptors communicating during the kitchen scene in Jurassic Park is decidedly less scary in real life: it was tortoises mating.

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