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Disney Can’t Find An Actor To Play Aladdin, And Twitter Is Not Having It


Disney movies are a significant part of most childhoods. They are funny, entertaining and teach a moral lesson.  Although most have their own distinct favorites some such as Aladdin or Snow White or Lion King, others favor some lesser known characters. However, when Hollywood announced a live action remake of Aladdin a lot of people were rightfully excited.

Disney then put out an international casting call for the live-action remake but more than four months later, it is apparent that they have not found a suitable candidate.

So people on Twitter bombarded the production studio with brilliant ideas.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, it has been rumored that the movie (set to be directed by Guy Ritchie) is ‘struggling’ to find a lead despite sending out their international casting call nearly four months ago.

The report stated: ‘finding a male lead in his 20’s who can act and sing has proven difficult.’

The report went on to stipulate: ‘especially since the studio wants someone of Middle Eastern or Indian descent.’

This irked a large part of the internet since India is a hugely populated country with plenty of potential candidates that could suit that role.

And those on social media blatantly pointed that out: ‘there is literally an entire second most populous country in the world with an industry of men who dance and sing. #aladdin.’

Some people tweeted: ‘google Bollywood’ while others came up with some perfect suggestions.

‘Priyanka Chopra as Princess Jasmine and Dev Patel as Aladdin would have the whole world shook!’ and ‘how is Disney having trouble casting Aladdin when Avan Jogia was literally born for the role?’

However, these suggestions still sparked a small outrage since Aladdin is Middle Eastern and not Indian. But with the way things are looking right now, it could have been much worse.


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