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Young Teen Outraged By The Racist Comments He Received After His Girlfriend’s Family Gave Him A Generous Gift

Chris Hunter and Madison Duke are an interracial couple who have been dating for nearly a year. After the couple posted a heartwarming video to their social media where Madison’s parents got Chris a beautiful Christmas gift, the happy couple were bombarded with racist comments online.

Madison’s parents got Chris a brand new car for Christmas, and the couple decided to showcase this generous gift on their social media.

But it didn’t take long for many people to begin berating them with hateful and racist comments.

The couple, who are both high school students, have been dating for 11 months. Chris is a star soccer player and Madison is an athletic trainer.

interracial couple racist comments

The couple has a YouTube channel where they showcase their relationship and the things they do together as a couple. Chris has even gone on Twitter and announced to his followers that he has plans of marrying Madison in the future.

interracial couple racist comments

It was one Saturday when Chris joined Madison and her family on an outing to lunch. Little did he know that Madison’s family would bring him to a car shop and show him the brand new car that they got for him.

interracial couple racist comments

In absolute disbelief at his gift, Chris proceeds to hug every family member before even checking out his brand new car. In the video, Madison’s mom could be heard saying: ‘go check out your car! We can hug later!’

interracial couple racist commentsYouTube

And of course, the couple had to show off this happy moment on their YouTube channel. Before the original video was deleted, it accumulated over one million views on their Youtube channel (called CHRIS & MADS).

interracial couple racist commentsTwitter

However, despite the many positive comments, the video was littered with tons of hateful and racist comments. As a result, comments on the reuploaded video on their channel, currently sitting at 79 thousand views, have been disabled. 

interracial couple racist comments

Some people wrote: ‘disgusting race mixing w****. Your children are going to hate you and themselves.’ Another wrote: ‘how do I buy one? And I’m not talking about the car.’

interracial couple racist comments

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Chris said: ‘I saw it coming, but Madison and I aren’t going to stop doing what we love.’ Unfortunately, the couple has been forced to disable the comments and delete the original video. But despite these cruel and racist comments, the couple have vowed never to let anything or anyone come in between them.

interracial couple racist commentsYouTube


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