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16 Funny Inventions That Were Made From A Tight Budget


Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it can certainly buy fancier items. If you’re into fancy things such as jacuzzis and BBQs but don’t have the funds, fear not! There are still some pretty interesting methods you can use to achieve all of these luxuries.

People have been inventing some pretty cool cheap versions of some of the more expensive things in our lives. From saving water and electricity to recreating a functional luxury, it’s hard to say which one of these is the most creative.

So if you’re pinching your pennies or living paycheck to paycheck but still want to appreciate the finer things in life, check out these 16 inventions created on a tight budget. Some of them look handy and useful, and then there are others that have me raising an eyebrow.

1. Missing some teeth? Try cutting out a slot in your toothbrush! You’ll be left with the perfect sized gap and will avoid scrubbing your gums.

2. Well, that’s one way to avoid a trip to the mechanic. I wonder how long this makeshift exhaust pipe will hold up? Did you notice the clotheshanger?

c18 Rachel-Lee Thomas

3. If you don’t have the funds to buy a pair of roller blades, just tape some Lego wheels to rubber boots and voila! Makeshift skates.

4 In case you want a little extra security on a small budget. Or perhaps this person’s lock is broken and they decided to do this to prevent people from breaking in.

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