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Cheerleader ‘Defies Gravity’ With Recorded Stunt Of Her Walking On Thin Air

Invisible Box Challenge

The internet would not be the internet without its fair share of ridiculous challenges, funny videos or crazy stunts. Remember the Mannequin Challenge or the Harlem Shake? You never know what people are going to react to and the latest trend to sweep the internet is probably going to require some practice: the Invisible Box Challenge.

This latest trend kicked off after a video went viral of a cheerleader in Texas who appears to be defying gravity during a football game at her high school. Ariel Olivar became an overnight sensation for a stunt so impressive that many are questioning if the video is actually real. The high school cheerleader leans over to pat what seems to be an invisible box. She then she places her foot on top of the “box,” and to the amazement of everyone (particularly the internet) steps over it like there’s actually a box physically there.

Ariel did the trick so well, people were skeptical as to whether or not the viral video was a hoax or if the stunt was actually real. She also posted a second video later that night where she attempts the stunt once again, only this time one of her friends knocks the “box” out from under her.

Crazy theories about whether or not the student had a thin wire attached to her, an invisible harness or was simply stepping on a clear box not visible to the human eye began to swirl.

Still, the video instantly went viral and many were ready to take on the Invisible Box Challenge … sort of.

Many internet users began to attempt the stunt themselves in order to show that it was possible and the video was in fact real.

Now multiple versions of the Invisible Box Challenge are gathering attention online; those being done incredibly well and those that fail terribly.

Either way, the internet seems to be getting a kick out of both.

The cheerleader admits she was shocked by the attention the video received, never anticipating how far it would go. Imagine Ariel’s disbelief when news outlets began contacting her about a quick trick she’d performed for her classmates on the football field.

Ariel even made an appearance on Today for a “What’s Trending” segment, where she gave a demonstration of the stunt and attempted to explain the trick to the Today co-hosts.

Even the cheerleader herself seems stunned at how successful the video has been. “I thought it was just going to be around my school, I didn’t think it would get this far,” Ariel said. “It’s just mind-blowing.” Have you attempted the Invisible Box Challenge?


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