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Iskra Lawrence Proves That You Don’t Need To Be Skinny To Be Pretty

For centuries, women have been living in a world with pretty unrealistic beauty expectations. The ideal body type is so cookie-cutter that there are definitely more people who don’t fit in it than those who do.

Everywhere women go they are bombarded with ads telling them how they should look and how to lose weight. This makes any woman question her natural appearance. Girls even go to great risks to attain the unattainable, sometimes even threatening their health in order to reach this ideal body type.

Lately, the fashion world is finally starting to realize the issues with this and are beginning to incorporate clothing for different body types. Just recently, Target released a bathing suit catalog featuring four women with very different body types and it was refreshing to see girls rocking their natural curves.

Another model who is proof that you don’t have to be stick thin to be beautiful is Iskra Lawrence from Worcester, UK. She is far from a size 0 but definitely doesn’t let her curves stop her from looking awesome and strutting her stuff.

26-year-old Iskra was born on September 11th, 1990. She models and serves as a Role Model globally for Aerie which is a brand that stemmed from American Eagle Outfitters.

Although many people would not consider her a plus sized model, she still has a different body type from what you normally see on the covers of magazines.

She rocks her curves, and is very motivational and real with her 3.3 million Instagram followers.

As well as being a model, she’s also a fitness inspiration who sometimes makes videos of her workouts to share with her fans. As well as posting her glamour shots, she also shares real and natural photos of herself.

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