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Istanbul Nightclub Victim ‘Predicted Own Death’ In Eerie Facebook Post

Rita Chami, a 26-year-old student studying at the American University of Science and Technology in Lebanon, eerily predicted her own death in a Facebook post only hours before arriving in Istanbul, where the deadly New Year’s Eve attack occurred in a popular nightclub.

Rita, alongside her fiance Elias Wardini, were just two of the 39 victims in the horrific New Year’s Eve attack at a nightclub in Istanbul. The couple had posted pictures of their travels all over their Instagrams in the weeks leading up to the devastating attacks.


Prior to the attack, Chami wrote a Facebook post which read: “Hopefully we will have fun [in Turkey], worst case scenario is that I will die in a blast and follow my mum.” The post was in reference to Chami’s mother, who died of cancer 4 months earlier. Chami’s father told Lebanon’s MTV that he did not want his daughter to go to Turkey. “I tried to stop her but she decided to go with her friends.”

Chami’s fiance, Elias Wardini, who also died in the attack, attempted to save his fiance when she was shot. He went back for her and was shot three times, dying in his fiance’s arms.

The gunman was clad in a Santa Claus costume when he attacked and is still at large, though media is reporting that he may come from Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan.  

Before Chami’s death, she posted a poem in Arabic on her Facebook about those who have died, and that “they are always there…always among us and around us.”


mother and daughter |

Chami was pursuing a career in the media while her fiance was a personal trainer in Lebanon. The chilling Facebook post right before her death is a bone-chilling and extremely eerie coincidence, and one can only hope that the gunman is found and brought to justice soon.


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