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Girl With Dental Deformity Goes Through Amazing Transformation


Ellie Jones was born with a rare condition that made her jawbones stop growing when she was 8-years-old. Not only was this a problem in terms of aesthetics, but it also prevented her teeth to line up and made it difficult to eat.

  • There’s not a specific name for this condition
  • But doctors seem to think it’s more common than people know

However, it wasn’t until she was 14-years-old that she discovered she had it. Her orthodontist, Joy Hickman, broke the news to her when she went to have her braces fitted.

Over the next six years, Joy worked with maxillofacial surgeon, Emma Woolley, to help Ellie’s jaw catch up with the rest of her face and make it more functional.

Ellie had her first operation at 16, where she had her jaw cut horizontally and vertically, in an attempt to align her mandible with the maxable.

She was then put on liquid diet for a month. What’s worse, the surgery left her so sore that she was unable to talk, and had to use notepad to communicate.

Talking became easier as the months went by, but she had a lisp for a long time due to how swollen her moth was.

After a couple of months, Ellie’s doctors allowed her to start eating soft foods. She was on a soft diet for about four months while her jaw was still too damaged to bite down on things. ‘I did lose quite a lot of weight,’ she told the Daily Post.

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