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Social Media Prankster Jake Paul Is Being Sued After Pulling Car Horn Prank

YouTube personality and former Disney star, Jake Paul, is at the receiving end of more backlash after a prank video of his left a man with impaired hearing.

picYouTube/Jake Paul

Paul is well-known on YouTube for his prank videos and his fandom Team 10. But his videos have gotten him into trouble before. Earlier this year in July, Paul was featured on KTLA 5 News after allegations were made against him and his friends for impeding the peace once had in his neighborhood. Several neighbors came forward and complained about Paul’s loud and disruptive actions. A particular problem for neighbors was when Paul and his friends lit a couch on fire in an empty pool. The smoke rose high enough to surpass the height of the house. Neighbours also complained about the fangirls who clog the streets and wait outside for Paul and his friends.

When Paul was interviewed by a KTLA News reporter, Chris Wolfe, he said, “It’s terrible. It’s a bad situation. I feel bad for them. There’s nothing we can do, though, cause Jake Paulers are the strongest army out there. Dab.” He then dabbed to the camera and before his interview concluded he knelt down to Wolfe’s shoes and asked, “What are those?” before he and his friends went hollering off camera.

His contract with Disney soon ended afterward with a Disney spokesperson saying that the company and Paul had reached a mutual agreement to terminate his contract.


Also in July, Paul uploaded a video, “EMBARRASSING BILLBOARD PRANK ON MY BROTHER (HE FREAKED),” which included footage of him riding around town with his friends and honking a loud car horn at pedestrians. In the video, Paul said that his car had been upgraded to include a horn made louder than normal volume. “Let’s scare some people,” he said.

One of the pedestrians is now suing Paul for what he claims is impaired hearing. Paul is being sued for damages and emotional distress.

The video has been watched over seven million times and though Paul drives up to several people, it remains unclear which of the pedestrians featured launched the suit.

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