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James Franco And Bryan Cranston Bond Over Spicy Wings

If you haven’t ever watched an episode of the YouTube interview series “Hot Ones”, clear your schedule and find a comfy chair – you’ll be here awhile.  A First We Feast production, the concept is to interview celebrities while they chow down on some increasingly hot wings.

With sauces ranging from regular Sriracha to “Blair’s Wicked Death Sauce with Liquid Rage”, the celebs have to eat a single wing of each. Yeah, that doesn’t sound fun. It doesn’t look fun either, as former guests like Key and Peele have started sweating, swearing and shaking. Tears are common as well, especially when they get up to the last few sauces.


In the latest video, Why Him? stars James Franco and Bryan Cranston are the guests and boy are they not ready for this. They’ve clearly never seen the show before, and even after the first wing Franco starts complaining about his mouth burning.

As the two talk about the first jobs they had (including a crazy story about murder investigations and motorcycles from Cranston) and facial hair trends, they down a few glasses of milk each and don’t have quite the composure they would in most interviews.

In his defense, while Franco admits at the beginning that he’s terrible with spicy, he admirably powers on. Cranston seems unfazed until the last few sauces when he visibly sweats and can’t seem to keep track of his story.  

For “Hot Ones”, this is there 57th video and maybe their biggest stars so far. The past interviews aren’t too shabby though, and include Anthony Rizzo of the World Series winning Chicago Cubs, DJ Khaled, Kevin Hart and Eric André. Each video is nearly 20 minutes long but will fly by when watching their agony.

First We Feast is up to 48 million views channel-wide and actually won a 2014 James Beard Award for best Group Food Blog, but “Hot Ones” is definitely the gem of their productions. If you’ve ever accidentally ordered suicide wings because you wanted to impress your friends and immediately regretted that decision, you’ll feel their pain.


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