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79-Year-Old Jane Fonda Wears Long, Faux Ponytail To The Emmys And People On The Internet React

It’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t know the name, Jane Fonda. The woman has been an acting icon for years, with her career starting over 50 years ago. She’s been acting in one way or another since the 50s, with her stage work launching her into the film industry in the 60s.

Fonda has starred in a number of works, with her filmography still growing in 2017. Her most recent film, Our Souls at Night will be released on Netflix on September 29 where she’ll be playing alongside fellow acting veteran, Robert Redford.

With such a lucrative career, Fonda is obviously no stranger to television roles either. She’s one of the stars of Grace and Frankie and has had recurring roles on The Newsroom. She was even in an episode of The Simpsons. So, her arrival at the 2017 Emmy Awards shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

However, something else Fonda has been known for is her signature short, feathered hair. She’s been sporting the look for years and it’s come to be something we all recognize her for. But when she arrived at the awards ceremony she sported something completely different, and people all over social media were in love with her new look.

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