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12 Hilarious Photos of Jealous People’s Reactions Caught on Camera

Photos capture a moment of pure emotion, whether it’s happiness, sadness, or even anger. For these jealous people caught on camera though, the emotion is all too present. Jealousy is something almost everyone has felt, but capturing jealousy in photos is a rare and hilarious event. The envy is strong in all of these pictures of jealous people.

Jealousy is one of the most powerful emotions. All of these people are jealous for a number of reasons: girls, parents, looks, even food. Even animals can get jealous, showing that they are more like us than we think. Then again, who hasn’t been jealous of a house cat now and then?

So when you look at these jealous people caught on camera, remember that we’ve all been there. We’ve all craved a little extra attention. We’ve all longed for love. We’ve all wanted that dessert that we almost ordered but didn’t. At least we can all laugh at our own jealous moments along with these pictures of jealous people.

1. There’s ‘staring daggers,’ and then there’s staring fiery swords of death. This guy may have feelings for this girl, but he can’t tell her when she’s making out with his buddy.

2. As far as jealous faces in pictures go, this one is confusing. The guy in the back is jealous, but of whom: the guy holding the dog, or the dog?

3. Trying to get your parents’ attention when there’s a new baby in the house is hard. This little girl wants an early start on the sibling rivalry.

4. Ice cream envy. Every kid who picked the wrong treat at the store or asked for the worst thing from the ice cream truck has had it, and it is written all over this poor kid’s face.

5. We’ve seen jealous people caught on camera, but animals can feel envy too. This seal must be feeling pretty lonely as he watches his friend get all the human attention.

6. Seeing this much jealousy in photos is rare. These guys all want someone to embrace in the ocean, but all they have is a shared moment of envy with each other.

7. As far as jealous faces in pictures go, this one is especially bad. This guy can’t help but pout comparing his tiny catch to his friend’s whopping salmon.

8. We all have things about ourselves that we wish were different. However, this girl couldn’t be more obvious about what she’d change. Is it envy, or merely admiration?

9. Yet another case of food envy. This is one of the most precious pictures of jealous people you can find. He just wants a cheeseburger. Why must life be so hard?

10. Even back in the early days of photography, there were jealous people caught on camera. This little girl looks like she’s ready to slug this guy.

11. If anything can make a person envious, it’s seeing someone in an outfit they could never pull off. This poor girl has to be wondering “could I look good in fishnets?”

12. It’s a special thing to capture a pet’s jealousy in photos. While this dog is just relaxing, getting a picture taken, the cat looks like he’s planning his attack.


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