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Jennifer Lawrence Breaks Silence On Chris Pratt Affair Rumors

With every ridiculously good-looking on-screen pairing in any major blockbuster comes the romance rumors. But these headlines can get particularly tricky, and harmful when the co-stars are dating other people.

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Such was the situation for Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, two attractive, charismatic and talented actors at the height of their careers. The two starred as love interests in the sci-fi drama Passengers and their chemistry was obvious both on-and-off screen. Because the two had become fast friends, their off-screen banter and constant giggling had people wondering if something more was going on.

Although the actors vehemently denied any truth to the tabloid speculation, the rumors were particularly terrible for Anna Faris, who was Chris Pratt’s wife at the time. Anna even invited Jennifer onto her podcast Anna Faris is Unqualified to chat about the hurt the accusations caused. Anna admitted that although she was always confident in their marriage, the rumors still made her feel insecure. Although this quieted the tabloids temporarily, with Jennifer Lawrence even referring to their marriage as a “Nicholas Sparks novel,”  the situation eventually took a toll on the beloved Hollywood couple.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris split not long after in an emotional Instagram post last year. The two explained that although they tried everything they could to stay together for their son, Jack, they were unable to save their eight-year marriage.

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